Don’t Let Down Your Image By Anger : Get Rid Of Your Anger

” Anger doesn’t solve anything it builds nothing but it can destroy everything” In some situation we overreact and tell something rude, something very wrong which was not told to the anyone, then you actually realise after sometime that whatever you did or say to the person is very wrong or react in very wrong manner. But that situation dominated us and this is out of control because at that time we don’t what we have to say or react in those situation and how we control it . Their is two different things

  1. How we control anger when we are angry.
  2. Another is that we can’t develop those situation or we reduce our anger or not getting angry too much .

Why we get angry or what is the cause of anger?????

  • We built some myth, perception in our mind or develop our own world about any person or about any topic , if someone say out of it so we get angry. You can take an example to understand this situation like you build an image or personality regarding yourself and someone come and say out of it which is different from your personality which you develop automatically you get angry.
  • Someone try to steal something from you , which is your favourite or very close to you. Like you pretend that this individual thing or person is yours so if anyone come and hold out those thing or person so you get Angry.
  • Their is person in your life whom you treat very nicely and politely but those person behaviour is not good with you they are not giving important to you , then you get angry a lot .
  • When you depend to someone or somethought and if anyone raise any question Mark on them so you get angry because you are habitual of that , this is included in your habits. From your child some thoughts build in your mind so leaving this thought and think out of it is not that much easy . Because this thought take a permanent space in your mind and you can’t take it off and if someone saying out of it you can’t bear.

Strong likes and strong dislikes hold your mind to get stick with this and this is the main cause of your anger. They generate a great emotions, strong reaction occurs and those reaction is out of control. After few times you realise that you are angry on very silly things and you react very badly or rudely. But sometimes their is some situation, point, limit where you have to be angry or take action on them. So say them strongly and strictly actually you are not angry from inside but you have to show your this part because this is more than limit or the person is going beyond the limits. So when you not angry on daily basis or not on each and every point and you are angry now so the person take it very seriously because normally you are very calm person but you angry on that point means this is big thing or some alter point.

Their is some cool and realistic way to control your anger and get out of it…..

1. Stay quite and count 10. I know you heard this already but this is realistic trick by which you control your anger . Just take an example and understand this like you order something which is your favourite and you are waiting a lot for this order because it takes too much time and then you suddenly see the waiter is coming with your order and just he about to reach to your table suddenly he drop your order than you start screaming on him it’s just a little mistake , which can happen with anyone with you also , image some guest come at your home and you drop anything in front of them and then the guest start screaming on you , you definitely don’t like it . Think about what you do with other , when you reacting like this you are simply putting people away from you. You are making things much bigger than they are actually , you are going to damage your public image . Staying quiet and count 10 firstly you calm down yourself and secondly you are able accept apology. 2. leave the situation alone when you have argument with your partner or with closed one and argument heated up and you are actually getting angry too much on this topic so leave the situation alone because you cannot stay their without screaming and without reacting. Leave yourself alone. Your mind pushing that say something bad or rude but just leave the situation alone , leave your thoughts alone, let go things which irritate you. If someone say something which you don’t like , instead of saying anything just leave the conservation and you save yourself from big trouble and other person also because if you stay in this conversation their is misunderstanding or bitterness occur in both of mind. 3.find some quite time practising calmness techniques and mindfulness. 4.Express your emotions when you keep things inside you for too long, frustration build up automatically. So talk about your feelings with friends and loved one. 5. Consume H2O Say if their is fire what you did you put water on it, if your hand is massed in glue you wash it from water, when you touch spice you wash your hand with water. Even we can’t survive without water. And our body is also made up of more than 70% water. It is scientifically proved that consuming water when you are angry it relax your nerves and help you to not outburst. And try to make you cool. So drink water and relax you mind. 6. Exercise Regularly Doing exercise regularly release hormones dopamine and serotonin into your body . Which is good for your health. 7.Train Your Mind to Be Patience if boss give you some work and you can’t wait to finish it because you want to see whether boss like it or not. You are habitual of instant result. You want things immediately. Relax hang on don’t be so impatience. Develop a waiting habit. 8. Let it go sometime we have no option but to let an issue go , even if you think is unfair. And you don’t want to spoil your relationship with the person and you don’t wanna win from the person just live with that Person . And you don’t want to create any issue or misunderstanding. 9.Keep a rubber band handy or laugh your anger off. You have to make fool yourself. Confuse your mind. Engage yourself in any other work, distract your mind from anger engage your hand in any work doing any activity or start laughing to forget your anger. Laughter is best medicine or therapy. You have to try this cooler approach. If you are in office or in meeting someone is telling your idea or saying any illogical thing just distract your mind from anger because you are in meeting ,you can hold your hand tightly, or move a pen or something else to just distract your mind. 10. Recognise the warning signs when you are angry, your heart rate rises you breathe faster , be vigilant do you can deal with symptoms before they build up. 11. Catch your breath try to slow your breath.

They all above are cool , realistic genuine idea to control on your anger or overcome it.

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