The pandemic of Coronavirus that has engulfed the globe has also motivated us to find solutions for living life with Coronavirus. Our life will not be the same as it was till Coronavirus is around and the medical fraternity comes up with certain medicine that would increase the chances of survival of the people. A nationwide debate has begun about the reopening of schools and educational institutions.

The lock down that commenced from March did not affect the academics as the majority of learning was already completed and only assessment was to be completed. Students could stay at home safely during the spread of the Coronavirus due to the timely closure of the educational institutes by the government.

The time has come when the new academic year is about to commence. The government and the educational stakeholders are in a fix over the methodology or concrete path to be followed for the reopening of the schools. What should be the guidelines to obviate the fear of all the stakeholders about economical aspects and above all safety of students.

The medical perspective has put forth two issues one is safety and protection of the students, teachers, and families, and the other is the prevention of the spread of disease through schools as a hub for the same. Students have a habit of socializing and they are at greater risk than those who will follow the medical guidelines in letter and spirit. It is a difficult task to ensure all the youngsters at schools and colleges following the guidelines on keeping themselves safe. India is a densely populated country and the cases of Corona infection are on rising day by day. Hence, a judicious and careful approach for the reopening of the schools is considered by the government by finding a novel approach to handle the situation.

Factually the corona infected cases are increasing in India and experts have been forecasting that the country may reach a peak in July. Keeping in view the aspect of the increase in the number of corona viruses infected patients by July would pose a different challenge to the government if it opens the schools. Parents association and some activists have already filed cases in the court of law for seeking a delay in the opening of schools.

Though in urban areas online classes are about to become a routine concept. The condition of rural areas in terms of online connectivity is a matter of concern, putting the rural students at a disadvantage. A thought over long term impact on students residing in remote areas and with no resources be also given.

The students can be called to school physically in the second half of the academic year, in the first half certain measures that would reduce the burden on students and the teachers can be initiated. Reduction in the syllabus is one such aspect. The planned conduct of online classes can help all to achieve concrete success in the first half.

The development of a vaccine is in progress and let us hope that we get the same soon. This is the time when we can redefine the education system and help the Education sector find a new beginning. We need to provide the best education to the students.