Safoora Zargar Needs Equal Attention As The Elephant Incident

Ever since the NCR act implementation came alive, the country was left with unprecedented anguish. The constitutional’s alarming move saw a full surge of student protests dispersing across the country and worldwide. Now a new incident came into light which has sparked outrage among the nation. 

As soon as the government announced lockdown due to the boost in Coronavirus outbreaks, several students and activists who actively lead a protest in Delhi were put behind bars amidst the lockdown. 

A 21-year-old MPhil student from Jamia Milia Islamia University, Safoora Zargar had been jailed for protesting against her rights as a citizen. The latter is currently nine months pregnant and has a condition of PCOS syndrome, which is widely common in women. 

The young female student has been facing a huge turmoil after her bail was rejected nearly four times. The law being enforced against the pregnant woman is clearly illegal but the judiciary don’t seem to mind breaking the rule when it comes to manning a particular community. 

Safoora was roughly booked under UAPA for allegedly steering the teacup of anti-CAA protest which took place in Delhi around February 2020. 

Comparing the elephant incident with Safoora one, Bollywood celebrity clad showed outrage on the elephant incident while blatantly ignoring the fact that a pregnant woman has been denied her human rights. The conclusion here clearly boasts that the a particular community is being brutally targeted with baseless reasoning to put forth by the rightists. 

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