Wake up, your child is going to do suicide

“If my parents understood my dreams than today I won’t be stealthy sitting on roof and writing this blog.”

So, you are a parent, if not than at one stage of life you’ll be ( but for now just read and share it with a parent). Every parent has great GREAT expectations from their offspring and sometimes that desire becomes so pressurizing that it takes the toll of the life of that little angel.

How many of you asked your child what he or she wants to become well many of you haven’t and in a rare case if you have, I am sorry to say that you didn’t took that seriously.

A child of 21st century is none less than the most busiest person on Earth, schooling, coaching, homework and much more trouble some tasks are a part of their life and after all that when they get the night time to rest, they wander in the land of dreams; the world that’s their own, they make ambitions and set goals for their life.

But do you even know the amount of grief and misery that your child feels when you say a crisp clear NO to them when they beg you to let them achieve what they want ?

Let me talk in statistics. Globally Around 65000 kids committed suicide in 2019 just because their parents didn’t allowed them to study in the field of their choice.

Just imagine the condition of a student who passed school working hard so that he could take admission in his dream college. But guess what, his CARING parents deny him that because the college is in another city . WTF, like seriously, we kids work our ass whole childhood to satisfy your marks hungry taste buds and what we get in return, a big rejection on our dreams.


As a parent your worries and thinking of well being of ur kid is justified. But you have to understand that the dreams and choice of your child also matters, afterall it’s them who would be studying and if they want to pursue a field of their choice then why deny it to them and become the reason of them going into depression or at worse, commuting suicide.


Parents, you have to understand this, your child knows his interests more than you or anyone else. Please, you just can’t put an end on their life by making them give up on their dreams.

Just go and talk to them, understand what ur child wants. Otherwise the day is not far when your child will cry silently in night and will fear to meet eye with people and will curse his very existence like I do. Please parents, wake up .