What should be the main concern? Corona or Unemployment

What is the main reason behind our fear? Is it media, or the public fear or any other reason. We are making our opinions based on the information conveyed to us. Who takes the responsibility that information conveyed is correct? It is basically the incomplete information which we are receiving on the daily basis. Once we get the clear understanding that what is actually happening around us then this may happen that our fear is reduced a bit. Current scenario says that we have around 2,00,000 cases in India, more than 5000 people are dead, out of 40 lakh people being tested. The most important thing to understand is that what is the role of testing and what is the connection of the fear with it? If the question is asked to someone that what is the reason behind his/her fear? The answer would be because of the number of deaths. It must be noted that the death rate is 3% which means the ratio is 3:100. Is it true?

The population of India is 135 crore. Out of 135 crore people, testing is done only of 40 lakh people which is not even 1%. So out of 40 lakh people being tested, 2,00,000 cases are found positive. So, in this way the calculation went wrong. Each one of us is focusing upon the number of deaths and number of positive cases emerging on the daily basis. But, no one is noticing that these cases are growing as the number of tests are increasing so there arises a need that the actual death rate needs to be calculated. Thus, the decision should be made on that basis.

We do not need to under-report the number of deaths. Instead over-reporting can be done. People in India die in accidents more than they are dying due to Corona. We are actually setting up only the mathematical modelling of the figures. We don’t have the correct information conveyed to us. If the death rate is 0.01 % then why are we scared. Shouldn’t we be scared of other important things? Yes, unemployment should be our matter of concern. In one of the articles, it was mentioned that around 13 crore people are unemployed. We must be scared of this figure. It means that out of economic point of view, this 13 crore people would be spending in limit. Lacs of industries are already in trouble because their demands are getting reduced at the economic level. This will lead to the reduction of supply. Hence, unemployment would rise.

Everyone is trying to increase the fear among the people. Instead we must make efforts to remove the unemployment from the country and help the needy ones. The solution is that only the critical cases need to be tested. People having mild symptoms of Corona can be quarantined at home. Since, it is clearly analysed that it is nearly impossible to test the whole country then why the tests are increased on a daily basis? The death rate is less. So, reality is that we must focus more on the people who have lost their jobs in this pandemic.

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