World food safety day.

we all know that food is important to live life, and it is also a basic need of the human cycle. from the last two years from around the world, people celebrate the world food safety day on 7th Jun, this day was declared by The United Nation Organisation’s Food and Agriculture Association introduce it on 16th October in 1945. the moto to create world food safety day is to create awareness about the existing problems of obesity and malnutrition due to hunger. at an early age, in these only 150 members they have to organized activities and events in an effort to end hunger and promote a healthy lifestyle. When they get the proper results in their organization, they get help from businesses, governments, the media, NGOs and the general public to help those who cannot afford even one meal a day.

In recent 10 to 20  years, all around the globe government established food safety organizations to spread the awareness regarding the crisis of food and hunger, in India Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, is the regulating body related to food safety and laying down of standards of food in India. this organization collects food from parties and wadding to provide slum people, who can not afford the food for a single time.

However, they not only provide food to poor people but also provide information regarding how to manufacture any product in factories, how Genetically modified foods works, Food additives, and many other services regarding food.

Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into food, or of one form of food into other forms. Food processing includes many forms of processing foods, from grinding grain to make raw flour to home cooking to complex industrial methods used to make convenience foods. Primary food processing is necessary to make most foods edible, and secondary food processing turns the ingredients into familiar foods, such as bread. on many T.V. channels also telecasted many shows which are authorized by well-known food manufactories for farmers to grow healthy and good crops. from many times food processing has been criticized for promoting overnutrition and obesity, containing too much sugar and salt, too little fiber, and otherwise being unhealthful in the dietary needs of humans and farm animals. With the help of a food safety organization, the ration is going down slowly.

nowadays genetically modified food is also famous all around the world many countries scientist do research on how to grow genetically modified food and china get success in it and they made first-ever modified corn Indian-Cornand they also do research on food which provide high vitamins and other essential things for the body.

they also run classes where they teach us how to read the label, Know your produce, Know your seller/market, Clean your food, Store right, Cook properly, and Eat raw but eat right.

The United Nation Organisation also run a campaign regarding the obesity, which we can see in present world in small and adult children, more than 603 million adults and 107 million children out of a global population of around 7.5 billion are obese. spreading the right information regarding it is very important and help full for the future a single child, otherwise, a child has to face problem regarding asthma, heart disease.

So, we have to support this organization and do not disobey the instructions which are provided.

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