A tale of two countries:- how the reopened.

As the pandemic increases its foothold over the world, nations worldwide are looking to reopen with varying degrees of success. Various countries have seen a slow decline in the number of cases while some a sudden spike. As the world slowly wakes up from its corona stupor, lets have a look at how two countries have made changes in order to reopen.

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If the world is a family, I think we can agree that the current US is the crazy cousin who constantly does weird shenanigans. Most countries have gone the traditional way which is a partial reopening followed by a full reopening. However not so in case of America, where the existence of corona is a political debate. Even now, as the entire country staggers some news outlets continue to make scarce of the Covid threat. Amongst the frontrunners is Sean Hannity, a main feature of Fox news, a news outlet that has made its entire existence sculpted to favour Donald J. trump. The channel has constantly reported fake news in order to incite the crowd and further Trump’s image. As the country is hit by several catastrophic events which include the likes of earthquakes, nation wide riots and the ever-looming global pandemic, a few states have opted for the full reopening in order to “save their economy”. However foolish as the idea maybe some companies and brands have taken onto themselves to follow the guidelines. A certain church in USA has seen its pastor greeting their reverends with a squirt gun, in order to bless them. The pastor, wearing a mask and gloves can has been seen greeting the people as the pull up by the church in order to be blessed. While the church tries to see a sense of normalcy, various brands have come up with a new solution to help keep people safe while still being up to trends during this summer. Some designers have come up with a concept being termed as a “trikini” for women looking to enjoy beach season. By providing a mask of similar design in order to look fashionable, some worry about how safe it would actually be, being in a crowd filled beach. Germany has been a country that has seen a good decrease in the number of cases and has safely reopened the country. However, it has not been without some bizarre changes. Germany was the first country to reopen their football league, the Bundesliga which notched up a very large group of viewers who had been starved of action during the pandemic. But there were a number of changes such as no fans being allowed inside the stadium, serious checking of players before and after the matches, going so far as to quarantine a coach of a team who had stepped out of the assigned hotel to buy toothpaste. Even in terms of music being played in public places, a number of changes have taken place. Fans of classical music can see and hear live performances one on one in a designated area in places like airports, museums etc. But a good plan has seen the country come out of the pandemic safely

Thus we see the stark difference in the outcomes of the state of the nations, due to the method used by them to reopen heir countries. What happens in India is still too soon to tell.

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