Clarity in confusion

If there is no clarity in confusion then there should be no confusion in clarity. If it is not clear that doesn’t mean it is not clear that meant to confuse you to make it appear as a confusion.If you think it as a confusion it definitely becomes as a confusion because they make it appear look like confusion and tend to make you confuse the clarity that you have about the confusion.There should be clarity in confusion which no longer makes confusion as confusion and make us clear about the confusion.

“Confuse the confusion so that the confusion becomes clarity.” If confusion can no longer confuse your confusion then there will be a chance to clear the confusion. If we aren’t clear about something there will be a large chance to be confused because there is no clarity. If we have a clarity then there will be no chance to get confused. If we get confused then there are chances to get clarity. If we don’t confuse over confusion,we can get clarity over confusion and can make confusion in clarity into clarity of confusion.

Confusion of confusion will definitely confuse the confusion and make us path of clarity disappear. The confusion replicates before the clarity comes into play. That makes clarity to get confused and try to make confusion as clarity and clarity as confusion and make confusion look so confused to know what confusion is. In order to stop it we need to get clarity before the confusion turns into confusion of confusion. For that try to confuse the confusion so that it gets confused and gets clarity because the confusion is in confusion and gets clarity over confusion by thinking clarity as confusion.

If we are clear about confusion then we can clear the confusion with the confusion itself. For that we should get clarity about confusion. To get clarity about confusion we should know about confusion and become confusion. If we try to confuse the confusion by becoming confusion it definitely doubts about confusion and try to get the clarity about it and in order to make it happen, it becomes as a clarity in the process. This is how we turn confusion into clarity by having clarity in confusion.

Confusion appears to confuse you and when we realise the fact that it just appears to do so and when we try to make what it is making us to feel then we can create the appearance of confusion. No one can create the confusion because it is not real. Confusion is just an illusion of clarity.No one gets confused, it’s only the lack of clariry which makes confusion. If confusion is clear then there is no confusion. If we have clarity over clarity then there is no need to have clarity over confusion because confusion never comes into the play.

If you are confused with the clarity that I gave on confusion then definitely you should follow the steps that I mentioned in order to get clarity in confusion.