Why are cats the best pets in the world?

To start off the appearance of cats are much attractive than any other pets, they are less likely to cause trouble and they are less expensive as Compared to the other pets and also require less maintenance. If you have kids the best option to have a pet would be a cat as they show love and affection towards the People and also sleep alot. They are also very joyful and always in a playful mood. Also to keep in mind the life expectancy of pets, humans tend to get attached to their pets and in the case of cats when one gets attached they hope that the pet lives on to the very next level with them and the life expectancy of cats tends to be 15 years. Also keeping in mind that it is easy to Control cats as Compared to any other pets. Cats also tend to develop the same emotional relationship with the owner as the owner has with the per according to a recent study. It is also said that if you set your cat on a loose somewhere far those pets still return to us this shows their love, affection, attachment and loyalty of cats. It is easy to travel with a pet cat and or move anywhere in the neighborhood as they are non violent, easy to handle and supportive. They tend to adopt to the environment and are less likely to misbehave. It has been proven that playing with a cat on a regular basis reduces the threat of heart stroke and reduces depression and anxiety among kids. They also sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day,which means when they are awake they are absolutely active and playful. Cats are the best of the option to choose when starting a family or when you have children around the corner.