Acid Attack

Acid attacks refer to physical assaults where an acid or corrosive material is thrown over another individual with the intention to disfigure, torture or kill an individual and according to recent study this form of violence against women is increasing at alarming rate. It was revealed that the victims of acid burn are most often young and teenage girls because of refusal of marriage and rejection of love proposal or sexual advances, personal revenge and family disputes.Another major cause reported was they did not bring enough dowries with them. This horrific act occurs in countries such as: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.

Another major cause reported by respondents was they did not bring enough dowries with them. The most notable effect of an acid attack is the lifelong bodily disfigurement. Consequently, the victim is faced with physical challenges, which require long-term surgical treatment. Acid assault survivors also face many mental health issues upon recovery like anxiety, depression, lowered self-esteem and increased self- consciousness. Many social implications exist for acid survivors  especially women, like such attacks usually leave victims handicapped in some way, rendering them dependent on either their spouse or family for everyday activities, such as eating and running errands. These dependencies are increased by the fact that many acid survivors are not able to find suitable work, due to impaired vision and physical handicap. This negatively impacts their economic viability, causing hardships on the families/spouses that care for them. Moreover, acid survivors who are single when attacked almost certainly become snubbed or excluded from society, effectively ruining marriage prospects. Moreover, a significant number
of victims receive no compensation for healthcare and other costs, and many others face significant challenges in accessing adequate first aid and long-term healthcare.

“I lost my childhood that day, I stopped going to school and lost all my friends. People stared at me and mocked me.
Neighbors and relatives blamed me, and said I must have done something wrong to earn the man’s wrath. My only fault was I refused the man’s proposal.” These were the words spoken by Laxmi Aggarwal , a 26 year old acid attack survivor , who was subjected to an acid attack by two men in 2005 while she was waiting for a bus in the Khan Market area in New Delhi subsequent to her rejection to marry one of the attackers. In spite of the fact that she survived the attack, it had. left her disfigured for life as the acid had burnt her whole face. She has undergone several surgeries to make her physical appearance resemble of what it was.

Acid violence is widespread and prevalent in our society that remains often invisible. Hence the government must combat the acids attacks and implement laws by ensuring adequate police investigations, protecting victims, and punishing the perpetrators. One important way to combat acid violence is to limit the easy availability of acid. The acids used for attacks are easily available as they are used in domestic use as well as for scientific and research purposes. A monitoring system should be formed to check the effective implementation of the rules by the people. They can also eradicate the violence by effectively implementing laws that provide for perpetrators’ prosecution and punishment . Also we must spread awareness about the devastating effects among people and all must work effectively to curb the violence.

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