‘ DARK ‘ Season-3 Theories

Season 3 of Netflix’s Dark is releasing on 27th June, and the anticipation is rising. The time-bending series dropped an explosive cliffhanger at the end of season 2, which left us with a whole lot of questions. Considering how confusing the show is anyway, adding an alternate dimension was just icing on the cake. There are some theories which will leave us with  more questions than answers floating around about what happens in the final season  – check it out.

1. Winden will be removed from the timeline entirely.

Considering this is the final cycle, and the intangible knot of timelines has gotten far beyond anyone’s control, something drastic is required. Some people have posited that the town of Winden, which is at the centre of this unholy mess, will be obliterated entirely.

2.The world that alternate Martha comes from is the ‘world without time’ that Adam has been trying to create.

We don’t exactly know everything that Adam has been up to during his timeline, only the bits and pieces that we get during other people’s interactions with him. Mainly, we know he wants to create a world without time . If Adam succeeds in a part of his timeline we haven’t seen yet, then this other world would already exist, because it exists outside of time. This might be where alternate Martha comes from.

3. Helge Doppler has an injured eye in the new trailer, meaning it’s probably him from the alternate dimension.

In the dimension we’re familiar with, Helge has a ear injury (due to Ulrich, If I remember correctly). However, in the new trailer, there’s a shot of Helge with an injured eye , meaning it’s definitely alt-Helge, from the new Martha’s world.

4. Martha is Jonas’ replacement in the other world, as he does not even exist there. There’s even a shot of her wearing Jonas’ yellow coat.

According to Old Claudia, she’s seen the world without Jonas, which means he was probably never born in the alternate world. In that world, Martha lives Jonas’ life.

5. The shot of Stranger/Jonas working on a God Particle in the past could mean he’s accepted his role in founding Sic Mundus and ultimately becoming Adam.

The Stranger, from the post-apocalypse version is shown in the trailer working on a God Particle machine in the distant past under the church.

This could mean he’s decided to follow the path to becoming Adam.

6. The pendant Jonas found near the lake in 2019 belonged to Hannah , who was drowned there by someone while stuck in the 1950s.

In a photo of the filming of 3 season, Hannah has a pendant around her neck, which Jonas found on the lake in 2019. Bartoz spoke of the legend of a dead woman on the lake that grabs people by the legs. It is possible that Katharina, wanting revenge, murdered Hannah while they were both in the 50s.

7. It is theorised that the new trio seen in the trailer is made up of the real Aleksander Tiedemann, or an alt-world Mads Nielsen.

The kid who plays Mads and the child seen in the trailer, burning shit up like a pro, bear a striking resemblance. Similarly, the resemblance between Aleksander and the character seen is also quite notable. Considering his strange and unexplained history in the show, it’s a possibility.

8. Time moves backwards in the alternate world, and everything there goes in reverse.

There are 2 examples of this in the trailer – one is where Jonas is running backwards, and another is of Martha crying and tears going up her eyes. However, that is quite an impractical scenario, so let’s see.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned though, it’s that this show is always ready to surprise you, no matter how many theories you read online. So let’s wait and watch!

Source: YouTube.