How to use Facebook Ads to Boost your Real Estate Business.

Facebook is one of the biggest platform to podcast your ads and boost your real estate business. With a huge number of audience present at one platform,thus you are able to reach billions of customers at just one go. Audience of all sorts of age range can be found on this platform.

How Facebook can be crucial for real estate advertising.

As we know billions of people who use the internet are on Facebook.People tend to use the internet for all sort of little things. As compared to the old times people don’t tend to find their homes through their relatives or friends, now everything’s online as with just one click people tend to find their dream home. By advertising on Facebook it makes you reach a lot of potential customers.

How to setup a real estate ad.

First you need to set certain goals and organize a campaign level as to what type of ad you would want to run and the sort of public engagement you expect. Facebook allows you to set the audience who can view your ads and who don’t. So it’s best for you to choose the homeowners and deny the local realtors. You can add text, images, videos, buttons and actions in your ad.

Benefits of using Facebook to boost your real estate business.

Traffic ads.

Traffic ads allows you to showcase the ads to the people who certainly click on the ads. These types of ads work best when you are trying to drive traffic to your page and the audience will give it a lead.

Engagement ads.

These types of ads will be shown to the people who always like, share and comment. This ad works best when you are trying to make a name for your real estate business in the community.

Retargeting ads.

These are the ads which are designed by Facebook and are viewed by the audience who already know your business this will help you to stay on top of their heads.

This is why Facebook is the best platform for advertising your business as it reaches out to all the potential customers by sending the right ad to the right person at the very right time.

Targeting the audience.

There are several ways in which you can target the desired audience.

By Demographic

It is the study of population based on the factors of age, race and sex. By this you can target various types of people such as homeowners, First time home buyers, new parents, adult parents etc.

By Geography

You can target people living in the same neighborhood, same city or same country by the use of zip codes and also with the help of Facebook to mark a radius around a particular address.

Allow your ad on Facebook for a short period of time as when the clicks on the ad goes down your ad cost goes up. So the shorter the better.


Tips to use the Facebook ads.

Always add a link to your ad as many people don’t know where to click while seeing an ad but always will know that the link will lead them to the right place.

At the end of your ad always add some catchy advertising lines such as “call us anytime” or “We are always available for you” .

As Facebook is obviously a part of social media and social media has all sorts of emojis and people tend to like seeing some sort of expressions with the text they are viewing, so we highly recommend you to use them as a part of your ad.

Use good images and videos, this will catch the eye of the customer as they like the image attached to your ad they will very well view your add and also might click the link in the description and lead to the official site.

Do not provide all the information on your ad, it’s just supposed to be a teaser so that they can click and hop onto your ad for all the required information. That way they get to know you and you get to know them.

Stay consistent as Facebook Ads also takes time to catch the eye of an audience and by repetive availability of the ad on the screen the audience recognizes and remembers the ad or brand.

The power of Facebook Pixel.

If one wishes to carry out a retargeting ad he must have access to Facebook Pixel. The app tracks the leads of the audience so Facebook knows if someone has visited your site before. The power of Facebook Pixel acts in a way that after the ad is published the Pixel enters the learning mode and learns about the type of people that have visited the ads and once it understands the algorithm of the situation, it will show your ads to the similar audience.

The audience should be able to contact you easily so make sure to put your contact information on every page of your website.


Real estate business requires alot of leads to promote and settle and that’s where Facebook Ads are used to boost those leads. It is the most effective way to generate leads cheaply and quickly.