Are we using social media in a right way?

In today’s world almost half of the world’s population use social media apps such as Facebook, instagram, whatsapp, twitter. But how many people trust social media? And should we really trust social media fully?

However social media app developers provides us full security, they say our messages are encrypted completely, our data is secured and private. But beware of hackers, keep changing your passwords time to time, developers also advices us to do so.

But what about the data shared on social media, the young generations donot belive on false news provided on social media but our elder generation which includes our parents too, very easily belives on such false news and even forward them to others, informing them about the wrong news. So, it’s our duty to stop our elders from doing such things and aware them with the dark side of social media.

Social media is however a very good platform for expanding business by advertising our product and opening shop on social media, many people are even doing this, people earns money even by making memes and publishing them on social media.

It also helps us in studying field, we can get in direct touch with our teachers, friends, and can get informed about the new seminars, webinars which are going to take place in which we can take part to enhance our skills, to learn something new.

But now a days, people use social media to pass time on, rather than utilising it to do something good, they spends hours on chatting with strangers, scrolling it which is bunkum.

A person has thousands of friends on social media but reality is different sometimes. They don’t even have one true friend then what is the means of such friends, social media distanced people from real world.

Every thing has it’s pros and cons, it all depends on how we use that thing, so choose yourself, will social media provide you food, shelter? No, they don’t, then work for the things which will provide you these. Social media doesn’t provide everything we need, if we want to travel somewhere, then can you satisfy yourself just by seeing the pictures of those places on social media? No, we can’t because that live enjoyment of that place can’t be provided by social media, Similarly there are many other real life enjoyments which social media can’t provide.

Staying connected with our known ones, relatives through social media is good, but meeting them personally, enjoying with them gives more pleasure which can’t be defined, and as it’s our life so choice is also ours what we want to do.

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