How to grab internships?

My connections often ask me how to get an internship?What preparations do we need to do to get an internship? How you prepared that you got so much internships? So, i thought of publishing an article that might help you all in getting your answers.

A Guide to Starting Your Career Off Right

Consider Your Qualifications

One of the most common misconceptions that students have about how to get an internship is that they must apply to every position that catches their eye to increase their odds. But this is a sure-fire recipe for radio silence from recruiters and hiring managers. Instead, think about the skills and experience you currently possess, and which positions you might be a good fit for based on that information. A few ways to narrow down which internships are right for you:

Think about your degree

Look up common career fields and job titles for people with your major.Consider your experience: Think about your previous work experience, and which roles it might prepare you for. A student working at a campus newspaper might consider a journalism internship, while a student who tutors for a statistics class may want to look at data science internships.

Identify transferable skills

Skills that help you succeed in school or in the student organisations you participate in — such as organisation, critical thinking and time management — will all be useful in the working world. Some quick research should reveal which jobs require these skills.

Explore your interests

With how much time you spend at work, you want to make sure you enjoy it! Write down a few career fields that interest you, and search internships in those areas.

Start small

Don’t feel pressured to get your dream internships right away, especially if you have no prior work experience. Start by exploring small local organisations, groups affiliated with your school or volunteer work in order to bolster your resume.

Know Where to Look

Once you have a more concrete idea of which internships would be the right fit, it’s time to see what’s out there! Here’s how you can do that.

Visit Job Sites

 Websites like LinkedIn , Internshala have millions of job listings, so you’re bound to find something that’s right for you. You can search for the internship titles you’re interested in, and narrow results down by location, size, industry, company ratings and more.

Leverage Your Network

Getting a personal recommendation can make all the difference in your internship search, so make sure to reach out to friends, family, colleagues, classmates, professors and alumni to see if they know anyone hiring.

Prepare Your Application Materials

No matter what job you apply to, there are a few key materials you’re going to want to have on hand. Here are the most common ones, and how to perfect them before you apply.


Resumes are brief documents that showcase your skills, education and professional background. Typically, resumes will contain your name and contact info, education, professional summary, work experience, skills and additional experience.

Social Media Profiles

Many recruiters use social medias to recruit— some may even require a link to your social media profiles. So, if you haven’t already, you may want to create a professional social media profile, especially on a networking site like LinkedIn.

A few best practices to follow as you polish your social media presence:

Choose a professional headshot for your profile picture.

Add relevant work experience as applicable.

Keep it appropriate — delete any suggestive references or pictures.

Share and engage with relevant industry content.

Hope, this will help you all in getting your dream internship.