“Child Labor – A Question To Humanity”?

Today’s era has become completely the opposite world which man ideally ever thought of. Clean environment, fresh water to drink and pure air to breath, with no discrimination and everyone considered equal under god’s eye and especially the Constitution. But man had changed and challenged various aspects as per his own greed and worked forward with them so for his own good. This isn’t limited to the innocent living beings also, the ones.Considering the fact and the greed to just let the work being done,he hasn’t let children out of these and rather indulge them at such an early stage of their life so as to get his work done.Life hasn’t been so easy for every individual as they stepped into the world. Nothing got them so easy going and rather had to sacrifice at an early stage of life. With a disbelief in such a act of child labor with around 152 million children around the world still in the act as per the survey till 2019. ..

Talking about child labor  which generally is banned in various countries, is still being practised around various parts of the world. These small children are let to do work by their parents so as to earn more money for their living. As per the reports of “International Labor Organization”,around 22000 of these innocent souls give their lives working around the globe each year. This is really a sad fact to hear, but is the hard truth, which these people who involve them at work don’t care. These children have been working in hazardous conditions, which is affecting their health and deteriorating day by day. It’s shocking that around 88 million of boys and 64 million of girls have been a part of this brutal act of child labor. Many of us believe that this shouldn’t be done and such kind of acts must be stopped, but still many of children every year are led to work at the age when they should study and enjoy life peacefully. 

“Indian Constitution bans child labor under the fundamental rights which defines the right for and of children to be free and compulsory education. Under the age of 14 years. UNICEF has been working in the efforts to reduce and eliminate this acts of child labor through various laws and policies defining complete freedom for these innocents.But what really matters is the strong implementation of these rules, and to be followed around the world.” 

We need to understand that every individual especially these innocent kids have the right to be and feel free and must not be forced to work even if they wish for before the age as per the law. They must be motivated to study and play which should help them grow both physically, emotionally and mentally. Every child must be treated equally irrespective of it’s background, caste and religion. Humanity is the biggest religion, which gives us the message to spread Peace, Harmony, Brotherhood and sense of Unity, and we must follow and respect it. 

“We must not led our coming generation to be shown the darker path of life, struggles, hardships and pain are a part of life but at the right stage and age, don’t let them lose out their innocence in the greed of more money, let them live their freedom, with education and let them win the world with the rights they truly deserve”.