Anonymous: Since resurface

To say that this year has had its ups and downs would be a major understatement. With the series of major events happening on a daily basis, one could almost imagine God sitting up there playing “Apocalypse bingo”. However, jokes aside this pandemic has brought most of the countries of the world to its knees. Leaders across the globe are working frantically to contain the spread of the virus.

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However it isn’t all so black and white, as some like Donald Trump are still neck deep in scandals as he very often is. He has often shown sympathy with white supremacists and condoned the acts of high-profile criminals with a similar mindset as him. He has been accused but due to a lack of concrete proof, hasn’t seen justice. This could certainly change soon as he has been forced to take shelter within the president’s bunker, which many speculate is due to the rise in protests of the death of George Floyd who was killed by the Minneapolis police department. This rise in protests could be in part due to the support of an online hacktivist group called Anonymous, who came out of their hiatus of three years. Anonymous started as a hacking prank group from 4chan sites, who did small tome pranks. However over time they slowly shifted towards anti-censorship, and anti-surveillance hacktivism. They have taken part in many wars against giant corporations which while short lived have provided ample evidence of their small-scale cyber guerrilla warfare. Due to them not having a formal leader or head, infighting within the organisation erupts. It is due to this reason that they were unable to hack into Amazon during their “Operation Payback” (in which they had hacked into .They not only condemned the wrongful killing of Floyd, but also declared an online war against the Minneapolis police due to their repeated systemic racial abuse. They followed through their promise by simultaneously bringing down police servers all across the state. They not only targeted the police but also went after Trump promising to expose his dirty secrets, which they did by leaking not only his ties with Jeffery Epstein, but rather outright naming his a co conspirator in his child trafficking and pornography ring and have called on him for raping, sexual misconduct and numerous other horrendous charges as seen in these transcripts They have also named Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and a number of other prominent names to have been a part of Epstein’s illegal activities. As if this wasn’t enough, they have also made allegations on the royal family for staging princess Diana’s death as an accident due to her collecting evidence on the royal family for human trafficking and sexual misconducts, fuelling an already widespread conspiracy theory to new heights. Due to their nature of low-grade DDoS attacks, many social security experts term them as minor threats, however they may change their tune should this gain traction. The twitter account for the anonymous group has already amassed over 6 million subscribers. What the hacktivist group does next is anyone’s guess, however one thing is certain they do not show any signs of stopping soon.

What happens next is for all of us to see.