Be a good listener

Today I woke up early in the morning, got done with my chores, had an amazing cup of coffee, took a refreshing bath and just sat and had my delicious breakfast(brunch), suddenly my phone started ringing like an earthquake, picked it up said ‘hello’, the first sentence that I heard from friend was ‘Sushant Singh Rajput is no more’, I was like ‘are you mad’, she asked me to google it and as I googled it flashed the headlines of Sushant Singh’s demise. I was shocked and devastated, couldn’t believe of what suddenly happened, switched onn the television to confirm the news and there it was ‘Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide at his Bandra house’. It was a bizarre moment for me,couldn’t believe of what was actually happening, what I just saw can be fake but it was true, he has actually passed away. Few days back I was watching ‘Kedarnath’ (movie starring Sushant Singh and Sara Ali Khan) and I remember that half of the time I was just looking at the hero and did not even focused on the movie. He was a generous and kind and a very talented actor. Why did this happened? What made him to dive into sorrow because of which he took such a big step? Why are we and all the famous personalities remembering him after his demise? Is this all because loneliness? Is it true that being successful can never make you happy? Earning loads of money can never buy us happiness, happiness comes from our people, our family who are the strong pillars of our life, there can be multiple reasons behind his demise but none of us can do anything, we can just mourn over his demise and pray for his soul so that he can rest in peace. His death gave me a message that life is too short but the world is big consisting of billions of people and we human beings rely on a small group of people whom we call as ‘family’, but what separates us from them is the communication gap, is living alone and not taking out a minute to talk to our loved ones. Have we become soo selfish that we can’t even ask our people about their health, about their problems? What about our so called ‘modern technology’? What about the video calls that we do and screenshot them and put them up on social media? My dear friends there are many Sushant Singh Rajput in this world who are suffering from mental sickness, counting their every single breath, where they have no one to communicate, they have no one’s back on whom they can rely and share their things with, weep with them the whole night, have a drink, there is no on with whom they can share share their love with. This quarantine has made us soo pessimistic, has left us with no hope that people are forcing themselves everyday to take this wrong step to end their lives. We as human beings should get out of shells, save someone, call them up and above all be a good listener, it will just take few minutes to ask about the other person’s health. My dear unkind, selfish humans take out sometime, help them to share their problems with you, listen to them calmly, give them a solution, lend your shoulder to weep because life is to short to gossip about and we are getting self-centered with technologies. If you try something delicious share it with your friends and family. So make this as a motto of your life, take out few minutes, talk to them, save them and repeat this and spread some love instead of spreading virus.

Sushant Singh Rajput, though we will move on in our lives but your smile and your work will never let us forget you. May your soul rest in peace.

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