Earthquakes in a row, Is it a warning!!!!

Recently in Gujarat, a 4.5 reactor earthquake hitted there. From the earlier few weeks, the no of earthquakes are going very high in numbers. It is really terrible fact that out of all the earthquakes 60% are origin from India. This is really shocking.

This type of scenario depicts the danger which can hit the nation in coming days. Scientists are studying why all this had been happening. A major earthquake comes through Delhi, and the epicenter of earthquake also same there. And the Delhi , the capital of India, where nearby 2.5 crore peoples resident. It is really terrible.

We all should be aware of earthquake. Also make ourself ready for it. A quick drill also must be followed at resident society. If we prepared for it, surely we will survive in this disaster, afterall it is very dangerous as it comes without giving any clues to us.