Just listen! And Don’t judge!…. Let’s make this world a good place to share and live…

Listening is the habit in which we are somewhere lacking. Everyone just want to say things, talk about their things and if we even listen to other, then we start giving advices without knowing what the person is going through. This is not only present in one relationship but in every relationship.

If we talk about the parent-child relationship, in many suicide cases, we can see that parents don’t even know that their child is suffering from depression because the only talk which takes place in our homes is how are you doing in your studies or what you will do in your career. May be exception are there, but many parents don’t even ask something about their life, how they are feeling, about their moods etc. In a short film it is said, “Parents know when their children need extra tutions, but parents don’t know when their children need counseling it.” And children don’t share with their parents in the fear of being scolded or being judged.

Similarly we can’t share many things with our friends too in the fear of being judged. We started thinking if they come to know about it what they think of me. May be they broke their friendship with me.

So due to this the person alone bear all the troubles and fear and when it become unbearable then it leads to depression and suicide. So, it is very important to create a space when they are only listened and not judged.

It is very important for all of us to assure our loved ones that you are always available whenever they want anything to share and they don’t have to worry about being judged. It is necessary to talk to your loved ones by keeping your ego aside and talk and always tell them how important they are for you.

Parents too also assure their children that the most important thing in their life is their children, not the marks or good job and if they come across any problem they can talk to you anytime without worrying about anything. It is very important to accept them as they are.

It is necessary that when someone comes to you with their problem, first listen them properly without simply come to conclusion, what they should do or what day shouldn’t. Sometimes people want someone who can just listen them.

It is very important to keep a check on your loved ones and check on any change in their behaviour. Just tell them that you are always their for them and build up their trust when they come to seek help from you.

So let’s be sensitive and non judgemental and try to listen to the people as much as possible so that no one has to end up their life by think that they are alone in this world.

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