Racism- A shame!

Discriminating between people on the basis of the skin colour or nationality is called Racism.
It is one of the growing causes of murders in today’s world.
I ask this question to all of the people who hate or discriminate between people on the basis of their skin tone, WHY?? How is it their fault that they have a dark skin tone? Who gave you the right to decide that black people don’t have the same rights as the fair people? Who taught you that black people don’t even have the right to live? Who are you to decide?

The discrimination on the basis of skin colour has been going on since ages and is seen everywhere. Why is it that only the people with a fair skin tone are considered to be beautiful. While every time the adjective ‘ ugly ‘ is portrayed it is mostly a picture of a person with a dark skin tone. May it be in the movies, in picture books for children or in the ads that we see on television about getting a fair skin tone to look beautiful and liked by a man and be chosen for marriage. Why is it that only the fair people are acknowledged as beautiful?

I would like to share some scientific points with the people who are Racist. I want them to know that they lack education and it’s okay to call them illiterate. To the ones holding degrees and devoted their life to education but are still racist, it was all of no use.
Here are the scientific reasons give the colour to the skin

It’s the pigment that is responsible for the skin colour of humans. Melanin is made by the melanocytes.
In the people with dark skin tones, the production of melanin is much more as compared to the people with light skin tone. However, the amount of melanin present in the human body for all the skin tones is same but if the production of melanin in human body increases, the skin tone becomes dark.
While the light skin tone is due to less melanin present in the body, where the skin colour is dominantly determined by the bluish white connective tissue called dermis.

Ultraviolet radiations of the sun
The reason behind the increase in the production of melanin is the absorbance of the UVR of the sun. When the UVR penetrates in the skin, the production of melanin increases in order to protect the skin from getting damaged.
We know that the vitamin D from the rays of the sun is good for the body but an excessive amount of it can be harmful and may lead to skin cancer.
A study shows that people with light skin tone suffer from skin cancer more as compared to the people with dark skin tones.

Geographical variations
The region in which a person is born and lives is also responsible for skin tone.
The people who live in regions close to the equator are of dark skin tone as they are more exposed to the sun which causes increase in melanin production.
As for the people who live in the regions near the poles are light skin toned due to less exposure to the sun.

The understanding of this concept is incomplete. For all that we know that ‘n’ number of years ago, our ancestor had a dark skin tone. More than 20,000000 people share the same ancestor.

Also the genes of the parents decide the skin colour of the child.
There are vast details of these points that I’ve tried to described in brief. No human is responsible for the skin colour that they have and every human is beautiful in their own way.

I would like to shed some light on the most recent incident that took place showcasing the lowest level of cruelty and ugliness.

An incident took place on 25th May, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota where a 46-year-old man, George Floyd, was brutally killed by a white policeman named Derek Chauvin. George was arrested for allegedly using counterfeit bill (limited currency that is produced without the sanction of the government). The policeman knelt on the neck of George Floyd for almost 9 minutes as he was handcuffed and lied facing down the floor. He kept on saying “I can’t breathe.” He begged for his life as two other police officers restrained him and a fourth one prevented public interference. In the last 3-4 minutes he was motionless and the people around kept requesting the officer to remove his knee but he ignored them all. He removed his knee only when the medics told him to.

The autopsy reports proved that his death was homicide (murder).
As the whole incident was recorded on the cameras the four officers were fired and punished.

His death was a result of police racism and brutality. There are many other incidents that take place all over the world because of hatred for black people but are unnoticed.

Even in our day to day life, we observe racism everywhere. Girls with dark skin tones worry about their marriage. They try to lighten their skin tone by using make up products just to blend in the society and for people to accept them. While young people tease people with dark skin tones by using phrases and words that consult the black colour. Some companies prefer people with light skin tone over the dark ones because they feel black people are less presentable than the white ones. It doesn’t matter what talent they have or how good they are as a human; they are always given less opportunities and are neglected. Why make life so difficult for them at every step?

This causes a negative impact on their life and lowers their self-confidence. Inferiority complex sinks deep within them.

This often leads to mental health problems.
People proudly say that black is their favourite colour, then why do they have so much hatred for people with dark skin tones?

I hereby request everyone to stop being a racist. Every human has equal rights to decide the life that they want and must be given equal opportunities.

Change your perspective to look at black as ugly. Stop calling people names because it is not always funny. So, what if they are black? They are perfect and you are no one to decide otherwise. Live and let live.

It’s not the outer beauty that shows humanity, it is what you have inside of you, your thoughts that show you are human. It’s the only thing that makes you beautiful.

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