The bitter truth about the “wokeness” surrounding mental health.

Depression is termed as a mood disorder that makes the person affected be constantly in a state of low mood with an aversion to activity. It is said to be a constant feeling of sadness. But is it though? I don’t think it so simple to term something that can eventually lead you to take your own life, or at the very least haut you with suicidal tendencies for the rest of your life. I think we all know where I am going with this, Sushant Singh Rajput. He surely was a brilliant actor, a profound intellectual and definitely a charming person overall. However, this isn’t one of those posts. I am not going to jump to either bandwagon be it that he wasn’t strong enough or that he was yet another victim. This isn’t simply a black and white issue, and for what it’s worth, there isn’t simply one culprit in this case.

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Sushant was the very definition of someone who struggled against the real world to make it to the reel industry. But since he didn’t have much of a background or a godfather so to say, he was often relegated. That is all I am going to say on this topic, because unnecessarily bringing up his name seems a bit desecrating. Which brings me to the point out the despicable behavior of not just the media and the supposed “heavenly” B-town members but also the common people on social media. In an effort to seem much more emotionally matured and woke, every one gave their own eulogy to him constantly tagging him on social media. These people never once thought about what his family and loved ones would think when they saw a gazillion fake eulogies and crocodile tears, all the while they themselves aren’t ready to accept this death. I believe we as a society get a voyeuristic pleasure from doing all this. Some people based on tiktok and similar apps even devised click-baits surrounding this issue. As if this wasn’t enough, another trend that has risen is a supposed wokeness in terms of mental health, where people would post on social media that they are ready to listen and mend the depression of random strangers online, never considering the fact that they are the same people who unnecessarily troll and bully others. They say whether or not I know you I’ll help you out, even when they have never helped their family or friends. Its easy to assume that people can talk to random strangers or call helplines to prevent their depression. How can they do that when they aren’t even able to approach their friends or family. While the present generation at least acknowledges depression and suicidal tendencies of those suffering from it, a majority of the older generations feel that it isn’t something to worry about, that those who feel or do so are simply weak minded. Its not that easy to approach someone, when you yourself keep on doubting your self-worth. And the fact that people have taken the mantra of “I’ll help you just reach out” in order to increase their social standing and to seem hip in the present times doesn’t feel leave a good taste in anyone’s mouth. I do not think I even have to mention how despicable and self-serving Indian media is, which while being controlled by money-hungry media houses isn’t that surprising. For you need to be worse than the lowest scum to term someone’s suicide as a “hit-wicket”. For someone to take their own life, they definitely must have suffered when they had lived. However, by doing so we do not let the dead rest even in death.

This “wokeness” is definitely a nine days wonder, and soon this too will pass and we all will be back to our hateful and spiteful selves. Should something change in our way of living would certainly be a god blessed miracle