Inceldom: a scourge to the society

Incels or as they describe themselves as the involuntarily celibate, are slowly gaining prominence on various social platforms like reddit and 4chan. These are males who treat women like sexual objects and feel that their lack of a sex life is due to a large conspiracy that all females are doing. They feel that it is their right to have a prominent sex life and that women’s time, bodies, and sexual desires should be primarily centred around men. They can easily be ignored as sad pathetic men which they certainly are, but the fact is that they are very dangerous for the society should they be allowed to thrive. The incel community gains a strong foothold in sexually frustrated men who have had an unsuccessful romantic life. Their beliefs include that “masculinity” trumps over any other power, Their beliefs are anti-feminist and a majority of the community support the idea that women should simply be enslaved so as to improve the society or as one incel member wrote on a 4chan thread “Enslaving them would free up men’s time to focus on more constructive goals like curing diseases, developing technology, [etc.]. It would be effortless too. Women are too weak and incompetent to put up a fight.”

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These days a new belief has started within the incel community called Dogpiling: an online theory that implies women are rejecting men to engage in sexual acts with dogs. While this isn’t a mainstream idea yet, dogpiling is a longstanding theory that is rapidly beginning to thrive. Despite a lack of evidence (where would they even get it?) the idea has maintained its hold and is now slowly creeping its way to the mainstream incel community. Dogpill believers claim that the very fact that “there are more posts online of women describing romantic feelings for dogs rather than male virgins”, supports their theory.

Now to understand this we need to understand two very different “movements”. The first being Men Going Their Own Way, or the MGTOWs, who due to having bad experience with woman specifically in the romantic region have chosen to forsake any involvement with women. And the other more radical “movement” being that of the incel, who claim that women are knowingly refusing to have sexual relations with them. Their ideolog encompasses that women who are sexually active are “sluts” and they demonise the women who have premarital sex. There are a lot od narratives out their but all falling under two categories where men demonise sexually active women and that the said women get a kick out of rejecting “good” men. Hence Dogpiling snugly fits between the two narratives, that women would have relations with dogs to satisfy their sex drives and subsequently reject “good” men. A chat moderator for the group explains that the idea probably evolved from the theory that women need strong alpha males in their lives and that they do not care if their mate is human or not if they satisfy the above criteria. Should someone still be thinking that this is the work of some awkward teenage boys trying to vent out their frustration, need it be reminded that a few incels have made headlines over the last several years, even linked to terrorist attacks. Both Elliot Roger and Alek Minassian were self-proclaimed incels and Are often heralded in the incel community.

Incel community is filled with men describing violent ways they have lashed out against the women who have “wronged” them. Inceldom encourages straight men to alienate themselves from society and creates a black-and-white worldview. These people believe that women are the cause for men’s problems are encourage each other to treat sexually active people like their enemies. These are a group of sick, misogynistic hostile filth in the form of humans, many of whom are way beyond help. Because in order to help these pathetic excuses for human beings, one would need to make them realize that they are wrong. But very often these men think that they are the “oppressed victims” of the women’s “atrocities”.

  Filth no matter what kind must be eradicated at some point, how this unfolds is for all of us to see.