Self love is important

If someone ask you, name 5-10 people who you love the most, or 5-10 people who is in your priority. You will make a long list including your family, partner, relatives, friends etc but your own name is may be somewhere at the bottom or may not be even present in the list. As we don’t even think that self- love is as important as loving other or may be much more important than that. And it is not selfishness.

Self-love is accepting yourself fully with all your flaws, treating yourself with kindness and respect and nurture your growth and well being. It involves not only how you treat yourself but also your thought and feelings about yourself. When you love yourself you positively see to yourself. Not everytime, you may feel angry and disappointed sometimes but you will forgive yourself in sometime.


  • Say positive things to yourself. Like I’m beautiful, I’m able to do this in a proper way.
  • You prioritize your health and well being. If you are not feeling well or feeling sad then cuddle yourself, hug yourself, make feel yourself special. Make coffee for yourself. Read your favourite book or enjoy your favourite song. Spend time with yourself.
  • Spend time with those people who support you or make you feel happy and comfortable and built you up and avoid those people who don’t.
  • Try to recognise your strengths. Work on your skills. Try to polish them. It will help you to make yourself feel great.
  • Always value your feelings. Don’t do such things which you don’t like, just to make others happy. Sometimes thinking about yourself is not selfishness, it’s self-care.
  • Challenge yourself to do the tasks. It gives you positive motivation and help you to achieve your goal.
  • Accept your imperfections. Always think that you are beautiful in your own way, the way you are.

If you don’t love yourself then you are likely to be self critical and always fall into people’s pleasing and you start looking for perfectionism due to which you started feeling low and you started feeling flows in yourself which decrease your confidence. You also start tolerating abuse or mistreatment from others. You start neglecting your need and feeling because you don’t value yourself.

So, it is necessary to love yourself and prioritize yourself. It will help you to develop confidence and self-esteem. Self love is the foundation that allow us to be assertive, set boundaries and create healthy relationship with others, practice self care, pursue our interests and goals and feel proud of what we are.

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