“Valuing Picnics -This International Picnic Day”.

Human beings have been living on this planet since ages  working hard for their survival, finding food, water and shelter to life. These activities are still a part of many individuals as they do travel not for fun but for finding jobs and better homes. In earlier times, men used to stress a little less as they didn’t have much to worry  about. Spending Time with their family, friends and even animals and thus led a peaceful and happy life. In earlier times happiness meant to have proper food with loved ones, with water and shelter. But with the definition of happiness changed and transferred to things and materials. People were happy buying cars, bikes, homes and watching movies, playing video game and this got addicted to those. Man has spoilt his life working all day long, making his/ her feel like a couch potato. 

But sooner the idea of recreational activities started to flow and people became fascinated towards these thoughts . They often thought of going and doing these activities which included trekking, hiking, travelling to mountains, enjoying the beach, river crossing, paragliding, skydiving  and many more. People used to enjoy their weekoffs by these activities which not only helped them feel relaxed but also remain happy and spend time with their closeone. Excluding all these, there is one more activity, which people used to don, but has seen a significant decline which is Picnic. “Picnic” includes having meals outdoors, playing games and having the essence of nature and enjoying it. It generally includes a visit to outdoor having a better view, may be park, lakeside, or beachside or any it get, bring any individual close to nature and their close ones. People most often went on these drives and enjoyed picnics. Also “International Picnic Day” is celebrated around the world on 18th June and people around the world come together in their local areas and visit local parks, enjoy nature, lay down on sheets and have a better view of mountains or rivers or beaches while enjoying their food and many more. So it’s a day full of compassion, emotion, togetherness and understanding each other. 

But it seems to be reducing these days. People hardly have time for these or any recreation activities, working all day along working on their projects and the race to earn more money. This really affects relationship status with the close ones and even social relations. But the need of the hour is the shift one thoughts and priority from materialistic world to the more spiritual and show affection towards the living ones around us. Greed for money has led many dynasties to destroy, and relations to get smashed away. We need to understand that these times of happiness while on picnic or trekking or any other activity help us fight our bad times with our closed ones. This not only brings back the culture of sharing ideas but also shares out what any individual bus is going through. Support of family and friends help any individual to come up and win at any situation. 

“So the main motive of Picnic and other recreational activities is to understand and improve our relationships in this tough world, make more memories and aroma of happiness and enjoy nature and it’s beauty. Time needs to be devoted as the first priority to these activities, thus making our relationship strong, unity in thoughts and strength in the individual personalities”.