Vocabulary:Ameliorate it!

A good vocabulary lets one gain an excellent command over language, it allows for free flow of words, one can gain an immense amount of confidence over the particular language and can even improve their writing skills greatly.

One of the best ways to improve vocabulary is to read. Reading everyday can help in gaining knowledge over new words and this would help when we read and write. Starting by reading just five pages a day can help one greatly, as time passes one should increase the number of pages that one reads every day from five to ten to twenty and so on, if one continues this for twenty one days without a break in between it will lead to the development of a good reading habit. Specially novels and newspaper articles, these are the two best ways and also improve one’s knowledge on various topics.

  1. Writing-

Writing can also help you increase your vocabulary, as one would make more use of the words and this will help one gain confidence, you can write paragraphs, short stories or descriptive write-ups, it can be about anything a movie, your day today or some instance which moved you, writing not only benefits in increasing vocabulary but can also improve your writing skills and increase your overall writing speed.

2. Referring to a dictionary/thesaurus-

 One of the other ways to improve vocabulary is by referring to a dictionary and a thesaurus, whenever you come across a new word one can always look it up in the dictionary, these days pocket dictionaries or online dictionary applications are easily available and one can than write the word along with its meaning for future reference.

3. Creating a list of words-

To create a list of all the new words one comes across along with their respective meaning is a great way as well, but on should keep on revising the list every now and then, this list needs to be upgraded regularly and the minute you come across a new word you can jot it down in the list, example: brutal- harsh to see and cruel

4. Conversing and talking-

Conversing and talking more in the respective language you need to improve in will help greatly in improving one’s vocabulary, you can talk with your friends and family, it can be a conversation in any topic and this will also help you improve you speaking skills in that particular language.

5. Synonym List-

To create a synonym list, the word along with it various synonyms needs to be written and a list can be created, this can help in introducing one’s self to new words. Eg- beautiful – good-looking, pretty, sublime, delightful, pleasing, attractive, charming etc.

6. Vocabulary learning applications-

Living in the age of technology, one should definitely take that into consideration and take control of this fact, there are numerous vocabulary improving applications to choose from based on your preferences and they are very handy and easy to use, plus they can be accessible any time as they are part of the data in your phone.eg-Mangoosh Vocabulary Builder, Vocabulary.com, Anki or Quizlet etc.

Quizzing one’s self or playing word games is also a great way to improve vocabulary.

There are many ways to improve your vocabulary, and with some time an effort one will be able to conquer their power over a strong vocabulary.

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