Mistake Of Law In No Offence!


Even when we apply law ,it is not perfectly applied, when we will be left acquitted under the law, mistake of law is done by the convicted in Indian constitution where it is purely mention mistake of law is no defence. As our law is stratified ,superior always enjoys the power over inferior ,rule or any norms always passes through and superior to inferior even if Superior has a malaise intentions and inferior knows it, then also, superior will lead this always seems a major drawback of democracy, results, as we can see that politicians misleading their powers for their interest .


If people are on the lower hand and did it not follow The orders given by their superior ,eventually, they will get fired .Higher post in a major institutions is always filled by the public visit the present representative although ,evidently, as a democracy suggests that every citizen has the right of speech and expression suggested in article 19 of Indian constitution he or she can argue with these demagogue although this argument leads to the consequences Of suffering of the common man.

Magnificently it seems like they have no responsibility towards the public where on the other hand the same public shown their respect and faith towards this people and here comes out another drawback in which the educated people are left behind and here democracy denies this fact that educated people must be preferred as it violates article 14 of Indian Constitution right to equality education is left behind due to the leadership qualities in these people I do agree with the fact but probably will go with the educated people preferred over and educated one or the one having only leadership skills only.

Apparently it’s a fact which can easily be seen at many places these leaders don’t even know what development is, they are all over report of the secretaries and their subordinates.
there is a reason behind of aiming at goal and  achieving something which cannot be got in the absence of a  thoughtful personality which acknowledge me that this  elevates their credibility of free human hegemony by Play the religious code which often bring them better results as the card of caste always wins. These people are whole into corruption and political equivocal which ultimately resulting in the deprivation of the public development for their own deeds.

In the developing nation like India knowledge and innovative thoughts plays a very crucial requisites then some magniloquent behavior.

If we take this thing to the ancient time in the time of Mahabharata where Argon was a brilliant student of Dronacharya there also we can see that Arjun was having all the qualities to lead but their knowledge was the pro factor he taught the leadership skills but the knowledge to lead makes the odd work in the favour this can be a great lesson which can teach us how vulnerable are we if we are not going to educate people. This endangered the whole human civilization.

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