World music day…

The music day is celebrated every year on June 21, over 120 countries including its country of origin France where it is known as ‘Fete de la Musique’ meaning ‘festival of music’ to honour both amateur and professional musicians. In cities across the word, musicians perform for free in public places. The best thing about World Music Day is that it is completely free to celebrate. You can enjoy any type of music you love with your family members. This day is celebrated to promote peace and spread goodwill through music.

Music is very beneficial for us and have a great importance in our lives. According to Author Victor Hugo, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

Apart from entertainment, according to experts music reduces the symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. It lower stress and helps people to sleep better. According to Elton John, “Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours”. Music serves as meditation for great musicians.

Music is often used as a therapy for it’s soothing power. According to experts, music helps children with leaning disorder. Therapist use music to treat people with mental health issues. Music helps us to be happy. When you listen a particular song, it can bring a happy memory or make you feel energized. Studies suggest that music enhance your performance of exercise and it can also provide a huge amount of comfort. Music makes you feel happy. It also enhances your mind and creativity and helps in increasing your memory.


  1. It improves the quality of life for the patients who suffer memory loss i.e., if they are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
  2. It reduces the side effects of cancer therapy. It reduces anxiety associated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and it also suppress nausea and vomiting for patients receiving chemotherapy.
  3. It helps to restore lost speech.
  4. It improves visual and verbal skills.
  5. Music helps to alleviate your mood.
  6. Music enhance learning.
  7. Singing together bring us together.
  8. Music can affect your judgements. It affect the way people feel about a situation or about other which impact their judgements.
  9. Music can motivate people and even increase the productivity level.

So in thjs World Music Day, add music to your life and see how your life becomes awesome.

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