My groovy kind of love !

For some people, love can be used to describe almost everything. But I have one question is it necessary that love can exist between humans only?

I strongly believe that love can be for anything living or non living doesn’t matter.

For me love is the most secure feeling .Love is having a companion, best friend, and buddy through every avenue in journey of life. Perhaps you can attain all these feelings with non human entity too.

Today I am here to tell you my love for writing.


I am my characters and my characters are me, but we are very different versions of each other. I write to sink into those souls and skins and be reborn under a different, unfortunately fictional, sun. A sun that promises brighter fates and futures, I write to reborn into my fictitious realms which hold magic and everything I lack.

I am a youngster with extravagant ideas that I condense and place onto a page. I realize my poems are dark and painfully real. I realize my stories are wild and far-fetched and very unrealistic, but these are the things that develop my style. Reality is cold and unforgiving. Writing, however, is anything you want it to be. Writing is freedom, love, bravery. Writing is death, pain and sorrow. Whatever direction you want your stories to go in. Writing is a way of forming thoughts into deep, magical words that pierce the human psyche.

Writing is a way of escape. To break away from the suffocating and dreary world around me, or sometimes, to forever encase my sorrows in diary. Writing, for me, is like the emergency exit of living. I write because I know that even when nobody will listen to me and hear my voice, the paper will never reject my pen.

My words belong to me and, of course, anyone who wishes to read them. But they are still my words. I am an artist. I am a storyteller. I am a poet. I am an author. I am a writer.

The heart and soul of a writer lives in the words on the page.

This has been my mantra, my understanding, of reading and writing since long now. I believe that writing will tell you more about the writer than any words that ever come out of their mouths, whether the author wills it or not.

Writing is ultimately about expression. The expression of thoughts, ideas, and emotion. Through reading and writing, we as humans can connect on a deeper level than what can be accomplished through almost any other means. You can feel my heart, see inside and understand the essential “me.” And I you ……

I write, because I want to reach the end of my imagination and then break through it. Writing helps me lose or find myself, depending on what I need to feel, and when I need to feel it … it gives me the chance to live thousands of lives in thousands of realities, exploring every possible scenario no matter how minuscule it might be. Through the order I put my words on paper, I can create everything and look from the eyes of it all.

To me, writing is a superpower like no other; it can be art, it can be a simple instruction or it can be a weapon. I write not because it gives me the power of a god, but because it makes me feel human. I write because I should, I write because I can, because I must. I have tried not writing on purpose, and I didn’t last long; writing is an itch that can be scratched only by it. It’s a question and an answer at the same time. I write; because it helps me live, not simply exist. I love it. I hate it. I am disappointed in it, and I am also proud of it. Writing is a mental mirror, an extension of yourself that helps you communicate with the pure reflection of what your soul is.

I write because that is when I am most myself and least myself. I pick the subject from my mind and heart, I gather the words from my mind and ear, but I write from a stream that flows from beyond me or deep within me. I may hate to begin writing, I may love to have written, but I definitely live in the space between the two. I write to discover myself. The words I put down tell the tale my speech can never seem to capture.

Many people have always asked me why I write. I never really know what reason to tell them, besides the fact I simply trust my pen the most. It’s my way to escape to my own world. When I talk, awkward garbage spills out. When I write (and rewrite!) I’m elegant and precise. When I write, truths that aren’t usually heard are given a place, a face and a purpose.

All in all,

I LOVE writing because there are no expectations, no lying and doubting, no reason of giving up.

I would prefer to be in peaceful bond where I can trust for whole life!


“A writer is a world trapped inside a person.”