Impact of social media on youth…

Social media became the part of life of today’s youth. They spend long hours on mobile and laptop using facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp or snapchat. Using these apps became the habit of youths in such a way that, they can even get off from it while they are in class or playing or sitting in a gathering.

The use of social media has both positive and negative impacts. The positive impact is that, social media keeps them updated about what’s happening around the world. Through these they can connect to their friends who is living miles away from them, which help them to keep the relations stronger.

A major advantage is that social media sites we can create pages and groups according to their profession which helps to build more connections and more opportunities being opened in the respective fields which can even lead to more employment opportunities.

Even though social media has many advantages, it has many disadvantages too. Using social media for too long, reduce the number of face to face interactions. As they use social media for long time, they don’t get time to sit with their family and go out with friends. According to studies, this leads to social isolation causes depression, anxiety, and many other problems. Social media also effects student’s language as they always use short forms or abbreviations on social media platforms which leads to a negative impact on their language capabilities.

Spending long hours on chatting on social media sites also decrease the productivity of youth which carries the youth not to be self dependent so they depend on parents and families. The long wasted time on social media can be used to do something productive by earning money or by learning something on online platform. Social platform also encourage spread of wrong information about religious and political groups or on people’s name which leads to fight and envy between the concerned parties.

So social networking have both positive and negative effects on youths. So it is necessary to use social media in a moderate way. Parents should guide and advice their children about to use social media sites effectively and warn them about the negative effects and cannot be overused. Proper usage of social media should also be included in the education curriculum so that they can use it effectively and doesn’t fall into the trap of negative impacts.

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