Life skills: A necessary lesson!

In a world where humanity is slowly degrading, certain life skills need to be imbibed and nurtured into us humans. As life these days are full of twists and turns and numerous hurdles one needs to take smart decisions in the right direction. Life skills can teach one to deal with stressful situations and can abstain one’s self from making hasty decisions.

Life skills will help us deal with the challenges of our ubiquitous life, it will aid us in decision making and will also help us in controlling our mind in inflexible times. One can discipline themselves with the implementation of certain life skills in everyday life. Being a good human and inculcating virtuous values is a long process but not a tough task.

According to UNICEF life skills should be inculcated amongst children from a young age be it empathy, problem solving or even critical thinking, this would help the children in taking the right decisions and thinking in the right way when they glow older especially in work places. Certain life skills will refrain oneself from taking illogical settlements. Life skills can be anything from a simple decision of wearing a helmet on your two wheeler to a decision refraining yourself from using the computer for long hours.

These days the word humanity is heard very frequently be it social media, news articles or just a usual family conversation but when it comes to practising humanity we are definitely greatly lagging behind and we can see that from unbelievable cases happening in and around the world which have shook us all and touched our hearts, questioning our sensibility as human beings.

Just like IQ that is Intelligence quotient, EQ is also important is also equally important and stands for emotional quotient (emotional intelligence), especially in a world where we are more prone to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety disorders. EQ is a great way to measure your emotional intelligence, be it decision making, critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills or even self-awareness, to improve one’s EQ one has to improve and work on their life skills. The value which emotional intelligence hold is equally as important as the value given to IQ.

Certain life skills are crucial to holistic development and are essential, they are-

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving.
  • Interpersonal skills and Communication
  • Self Awareness and Empathy
  • Critical thinking and Creative thinking
  • Equanimity(self-control) and Assertiveness

These life skills when inculcated in our daily life can help us overcome so many obstacles. They inculcate certain values in us such as goal setting, courage, leadership, persistence, flexibility, confidence and sportsmanship.

Many schools have life skills as a compulsory subject to be taught to the students in their curriculum through interesting and engaging activities. Be it sports or fun activities, which would help them in their journey in the future. I feel it should be included in all school curriculums and should be taught  in middle school(childhood) as it is needed for the adoption of certain vital skills such as decision making, cooperation and empathy.

To induce positive development and good ethics within one’s self, self-work on life skills is needed, especially in a time where life is becoming tedious and can take unexpected turns one needs to look into one’s self care.