“Prototyping and Analysis Software-The new ideal techniques for ideas to turn reality.”

This 21st century is an era where we see big buildings, flying planes,sailing ships, space missions and a number of other things which once seemed impossible and one can only imagine them. The journey from pencil and sheet to reality has transformed human way of living. Ideas and new thoughts have always fascinated humans to something new which thus has resulted in many of the facilities, and comforts which we see around us to be a reality. We have been investing much of our money in things without any hesitation and double thought of assurity in its success. Humans have failed many times in their journey to being out something new and have lost both material as well as money. 

So the problem which early scientists and research workers did face was the loss of much of their resources whether money or material in making something new. This was due to lack of proper information about the required material and operations which needed to be performed on them, and thus resulted in major losses. When we consider the building of airplanes,big buildings and ships especially in the initial phases, we do acknowledge various mistakes, sometimes in calculation and sometimes in the size and construction of the material. This was a serious issue in earlier days and scientists surely wanted to do this out so as to save their time and precious resources. 

The idea of prototyping and analysis came out to be a boon for scientists, manufacturers and customers.

  1. A prototype can be defined as a scaled model of the original object. This helps in reducing the loss of much if the material as well as money. Prototyping helps to make an original model of the product but as a small entity. Various aspects and parts which are estimated to be a part of the desired product are scaled sone to reduce its size. This is an effective technique used by most of the experts and scientists to figure out the final outcome of their product in a much cost effective way.
  2.  The other is the technique of Analysis and 3-d design modelling. This gives a glance of the final product and how it would look after it’s final outcome. This reduces time and more money and various tests can also be performed testing the rigidity, stress and strain graph, toughness and various other factors without making a model and testing on a machine. These have brought a significant change in the field of designing and has helped a number of new ideas to be born without much of expensive, material and technology. 

These do have helped us in our manufacturing production process but still have various drawbacks. The analysis and the results are easy to get but are not 100% correct, which  leaves us with a condition of doubt and work efficiency if the product . We do lack experienced people to work on this simulating softwares. Also these simulation and analysis software are much too expensive. But all these factors lie with the other practices also. These also need much investment to operate. Investment in these techniques are more as compared to others. 

“Many new ways are still in the run to make our dreams turn into reality, with less investment and better return outputs. These have really transformed our way of manufacturing and production techniques, provided ideas to turn reality which ones seems to be just a dream and thus have brought much comfort and ease to the life of the common man”.