What Is Sex? Is It Fair?

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The majority of the population thinks sex to be something indecent, unethical, and talking about which publicly can bring crush to human existence. People like to discuss sex secretly, they do not even pronounce the word in public because it seems to be like shameless and lack of family culture. Do you think in a country where femininity is being challenged every time, the rape and rape culture have taken the monopoly, there the term ‘sex’ should be used camouflaged? 

India is a country full of diversity in demographic situations. The attribution and attitude of people differ from man to man society to society so the definition of sex is. In this multicultural society, for some sex is just an act of sex, it can be meant as eroticism, some may take the sexual orientation as identity preferences and so on. Sex is an act. All the living animals on this planet do have sex to fulfill their different needs like psychological needs, sociological needs, biological needs, etc. Rule of human sex is different from other animals because many kinds of values, attributes, suppression are added to it.

Now one might ask if sex is fair. If it is so why don’t we talk about freely in the 21st century also in a country like India? To start this we have to agree that India is the first country to write a book on sexuality and talk about sex scientifically. “Kamasutra” talks about three pillars of Hindu religion, Dharma, Artha, and the Kama. This is one of the treasure troves of Indian literary culture. If we move our eye to the old Indian sculptural works, paintings, we can see how vividly it is exhibiting the sexuality or sex. For instance, paintings at Ajanta. In ancient times, Indians do not even been used to cover their upper part of the body. It is even evidence of many previous works that they used to cover the lower part of their body and the upper part used to cover with jewelry and stone. While the women used to wear silk sarees to justify their wealth. In that time polyandry and polygamy was a part of their progression. Now after the colonial era came, the puritanical thoughts were started being imposed which eventually stigmatized Indian culture. Eventually, Indian society got mold with veiling sex as offense and started to keep people sexually hungry for the sake of sin.

The act of sex, pollination, production all is a biological process. It can’t be generalized by saying fair or not fair. Now in this egalitarian era, fairness and unfairness can only be decided by morality values. Being monogamous or polygamy all have been based on moral attributions, responsibilities and respect. This is where we humans differ from other animals in the planet by possessing humanity. There is something beyond legal and illegal which are called ethical and non-ethical. Having sex and talking about sex was never be or never will be considered an unpardonable offense since society is literate and free from superstition. But if the passion of sexual practice becomes the cause of regression of sexual or gender identity, it seems agonizing and not acceptable at all.