Dealing with a Writer’s Block

Writing something requires a person to be inspired by something. Not everyone can pen a few words on the paper and call themselves an author. It takes tremendous inspiration to produce something original. But you cannot be inspired every minute of your life. There are also times when you try so hard to get inspired to write a piece but your mind refuses to cooperate. Writers sometimes call it a Writer’s Block.

blockMany fellow writers do not agree with this, however. According to them, the writer’s block is just some excuse used for procrastination, instead of actually working on writing your project.

But how can you then explain the drying up of your inspirational ink? Why do you often find yourself staring at a blank screen without any thought? How come you delete every word you wrote in the past few minutes simply because it was not up to the mark according to you?

Many people do experience writer’s block. Here are some of the strategies on how you can get back in your creative flow, adopted by many worldwide.

  1. Relax yourself

Many people find it relaxing when they dance or practice yoga and Tai Chi. Meditating calms your mind and certain body movement allows blood to flow to your brain. A few minutes of these activities will help you to focus longer and you will start with a fresh creative mind.

  1. Do something creative

Stop whatever it is that you are trying to write. Step away from your desk and find something creative for you to do. It could be painting or building something from scratch like a DIY project. It will keep your mind active and help you ease into creative mode easily.

  1. Eliminate distractions

Switch off your mobile phone and keep away from all the social media sites. Clean your cluttered desk to help clean your mind. Give yourself some space while writing. Try to write at a time when you know no one will disturb you.


  1. Do free-writing

Free-writing means writing anything that comes at the top of your mind. Sometimes you have so many things going on in your life that your mind cannot focus on the project at hand. Rant on the paper about the thing that is troubling you, the thing that you wanted to say to your colleague, and the thing that made you happy today. Write about anything you want, mix fiction with scientific facts. Free-writing will definitely unburden your mind. Moreover, as the name suggests, you will feel free.

  1. Write at a time that works for you

Some people get their surge of inspiration early in the morning while they are still half asleep while others get their ideas just as they are sleeping. Some prefer to write while feeling connected to nature, maybe in a park. Find out what works best for you and try to keep your schedule free during that time so that you can write.

Writer’s block is merely a minor speed bump in the journey of your writing. Don’t let it be the end of your beautifully endless journey ahead.

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