What is ‘One Sun One world One Grid’ initiative?

One Sun One World One Grid’ is a vision termed by Shri Narendra Modi.

According to the vision, world countries could use a common integrated grid that would be powered by solar to meet all their need. The idea behind vision is that ‘Sun never sets on the entire world’ . Thus, countries during their day would supply electricity to the other countries where the sun is absent.


1. Prime minister Narendra Modi launched the International Solar Alliance (ISA) at the India-Africa summit in 2015.

2. PM Modi and then French president Francois Hollande laid foundation stone for ISA headquartered in Gurugram, India.

3. The framework of ISA was setup and opened for countries to join(So far 86 countries have signed).

4. Narendra Modi announces ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ vision in the first assembly of ISA in 2018.

5 He sees ISA as a replacement for OPEC in future, where OPEC countries are meeting the world energy demand by the supply of crude oil so far.

6. The MNRE has stepped forward to make the vision become true. MNRE has recently invited proposals from qualifying Consulting Firms for “Developing a long-term vision, implementation plan, road map and institutional framework for implementing “One Sun One World One Grid”.

This vision is becoming more real with the increased reliance on renewable energy at the same time fossil fuel resources are dwindling day by day. And also the future power system which is expected to be more resilient, it has to relay on renewable resources. India, through ISA can lead other nation towards achieving this vision.

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