Why Tik-Tok should remain ban in India…

Recently, Indian government banned Tik-Tok along with 58 other Chinese apps. Whatever the government did was very good and there are many reasons why they did it.

Tik-Tok is basically a source of entertainment which we can get from anywhere else, so why to give our details to Chinese government and put ourselves in danger. So, it is very necessary to not to use Tik-Tok and don’t even let your family and friends to use the same.

It is necessary that Tik-Tok should remain banned in India. It is because Chinese government use this app as a spy for data collection. They are able to see the content which is present in our phone, the files, the apps which we have installed, and even the apps which we have deleted. It even hacks our personal data, so we can see how much it is dangerous for us

Our cyber laws are also not very strong, it is because our government is putting no attention in it. So we are not able to identify what type of content is present on ir, what is it’s nature of content and how it is affecting our mentality.

Tik-tok is so much dangerous that it can even track your location. The places you visit, whenever and wherever you are going these all are tracked by the Chinese government.

Apart from this they won’t let you know, what they are doing to you. They have a protection in their app which prevents it from reversing and debugging. Also the app gets slightly changed whenever they get to know that you are trying to reverse this app.

Also there are many cases of sexual abuse on this app. This app don’t provide any security to your details.

So we can se how much this app is dangerous to us. That’s why this app should be remain banned. And it is better not to use this app to keep yourself safe and secure.

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