I have seen this movie a hundred times, every time I learn something new from this movie. A beautiful movie which depicts a string of emotions different people go through. What is fascinating about this movie is that in this movie no one is perfect ( as defined by the Indian cinema), everyone has their own traits which makes them look different but all these people with different traits live together and do not try to change each other rather they respect individuality ,Which I think this generation does not do. We are always in a race to become like someone, want a hair style like her,  hey I want a bike like him, You should do an MBA as she did and etc. There are many factors which tends us to change our identity, our belief systems to make us someone we are not. What is required is not to make ourselves like others rather to learn things constantly, and bring out a better human from inside.

This movie revolves around Uma played by Sharmila Tagore who is a very shy and a quiet girl. Who never speaks up ,does not have aspirations or desires rather thinks that she is the reason her mother died. Her mother died at the time of her birth, since then her father went into an emotional trauma and distances himself from his daughter. The father daughter share the same roof but never do they talk to each other. This movie is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and his movies always depicts complex relationships in a very simple yet elegant way.

Ashok played by Dharmendra is a struggling writer, he is poor but is determined not to ask the rich for favors. He has some principles in life reading this you might think he would be a very strict person, that’s not true. He is fun, he translates his misery into a joke every time he  talks to people.

Such meaningful and heartfelt movies with songs having references to the storyline is not made nowadays. It does not mean that all the movies in this era are bad,  it is just that they do not have any relevance, every movie you see today will have a catchy party song, a very heartfelt romantic song, a sad song that is it just to grab public attention. In Anupama the director used songs only to convey some feelings which cannot be said by a speech. Like the song  kuch dil ne kaha portrays that Uma is a person who is shy of talking to people but opens up her feelings to flowers and leaves as she thinks they are her friends.

This movie does not have dramatic screenplay but it sure has many emotions, beliefs and trusts being broken or overflowed. Ashok when meets Uma and comes to know of her feelings , he gives her some advice about how grateful she should be that she has many things that many people don’t have and about the emotional chakravyuh she is in, he says “it is you who can get yourself out of this, some problems that we have created have to be solved by ourselves that is the best way”.

The movie was an eye-opener for me and I guess it would for you too.