Electronic mail

We use electronic mails in our everyday lives, it has become a mode of an etiquette way of conveying messages if formality is required. Nevertheless we can use electronic mails to send our friends a message, it also serves the purpose for an informal yet important messages to be delivered. It is seen most of the people use it to transfer files from mobile to computer though there are other ways like Google drive and bluetooth but E-mail is a more convenient and efficient way to do this. It is said that over 3.9 million people all over the world use e-mail every day. Even after so many years of its Invention this method of exchanging messages is still prevalent.

Ray Tomlinson was the person who  invented it in 1971, he was an American computer programmer . He implemented the email such that it could be sent from one user to many different users in ARPANET. ARPANET was the basis of internet which was developed by the U.S advanced research process agency (ARPA). Its initial purpose was to serve as a medium to share and exchange messages but it required that users could only send to the receiver when he or she is online like the instant messaging. The first e mail was sent in 1973 which was very similar to that of the basic email sent today. What is obvious is many things are upgraded and yes there are many search engines being developed like Yahoo, google, hotmail to facilitate ourselves.

What is SMPT?

As you know that whenever we are using computer which understands binary language and internet which is a very complex thing, there are some specific rules to use them because these electronic items do not understand our language so we have to actually follow some rules so as to make our work done. So there are some set of protocols to be followed which are called the SMPT which is simple mail transfer protocol. SMPT sets up rule for the servers, it moves and forwards your mails to the servers. It can also send networks outside the internet. When we write our email with “@ ” symbol we are actually creating a definite address what is more interesting is that if you write a receivers address with the same symbol, it automatically connects you to the address if it exists, if it does not exist then is may not send your email at all.  SMPT takes care of all the process from sending the composed mail to the receiver and to the right address.

Now a days it is even simpler to send mails to different domains, you may ask what are domains? domains are used to identify one or more IP address that is internet protocol address. Not clear yet, in simpler terms @ gmail.com, @ yahoo.com and many more. they are used to identify different web pages or we call it search engines.

So E- mails have a long history which should be admired, it has made our lives so easier and simpler . So the next time you use the electronic mail , it should come to your mind that what minds were behind the invention of this great thing and we should be grateful for it