Hello everyone today we are going to know about the most beautiful and eye catching thing in the world, it is nor other than flower.The most beautiful thing in the world which enhances more beauty of the world.Have you ever thought earth without flowers?It is impossible to thing as the flowers are from gift from our nature which sometimes makes us speechless or so astonished.It feels so wonderful having full of flowers in garden.

Flowers spread us joy and happiness. When see some beautiful flowers we automatically so much energetic and happiness that is way when people go on date or visit to some place they take flower bouquets with them so that the other person will be happy. The spreading of sweet fragrance stimulates our body into full energetic and happy mood.By the fragrance we feel that our mind and soul are in in relax mode.In different flowers there are different types of fragrance.

So now we will talk about the most beautiful flowers in our world and their facts.Let’s start!

1.You all have guessed which flower is number 1. The flower is one and only Rose.

Rose the most beautiful flower in whole world.It’s other name is ” Queen of the Garden”. In whole world this flowers come in different sizes and colors in different part of the world.This is flowers are used for mainly making of perfumes.

There are some facts about Rose.They are:-

First this is the oldest flower to be believed more than 1000 years ago.

Second Rose grow very tall.The highest recorded height was 23 feet tall or 7 meter high.

Third there are more than 100 species of Rose.

Fourth the rose also grow into fruit. Rose hip are known as Fruit.

Fifth the rose hip of some species of rose are full of vitamin C.

Sixth the Rose is the flower who known as the ancient symbol of love. Till now also it has been the symbol of love.

So these were the facts of rose.

Let’s move to the next Flower.

2.Hydrangea the second most beautiful flower of the world.

This are the spring flower found in Southern Asia of the world. There is day celebrated for this flower, the day is 5th January. It is dry flower but it is very beautiful for decoration.

So let’s know some fact about Hydrangea.

First there are about 70-75 species of hydrangea.

Second for those who eats flower you can’t these flower as it is the most toxic flower.

Third this flowers are found in early spring to late autumn.

Fourth in America there considered to be made a society for those love hydrangea flower.

3. Dicentra also known as the “Bleeding-Heart”.

This flower actually looks it has a heart which is bleeding. This flower are similar to hydrangea and also found in Asia.This flowers also are in different colors like pink, red etc.

The facts on Dicentra are:-

First it stores the energy and nutrients in beginning of the spring for the development of flowers and leaves.

Second this plants can easily cause skin irritation to humans.

Third in this plant all parts are very poisonous.

Fourth it the fire resistant plant and can tolerate easily the drought.

So this are the most beautiful flowers in the world.I hope you like this flowers.There are some others flower like Cherry blossom,orchid,Tulip,Freesia, Lotus Flower etc.

I hope you like my article. Let me know in comment which flower you like.

Thank you for reading my article and have a nice day!

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