Lata Mangeshkar

The queen of melody, has sung over five thousand songs in all different languages. She is the most respected singers in India, also has won three national awards and also has won many film fare awards. It is as if she was born to sing, she was also called the nightingale of India. She belonged to a family of singers, and her four siblings are also singers she is the eldest of all. Her songs became extremely popular, her voice suited every heroine and she was the favorite to all the music directors. She had a beautiful voice which can sing any song beautifully let it be a sad songs like  ” Ajeeb dastan hain yeh” or  romantic song like ” Yeh sama sama hain yeh pyar ka” or be any sensous song like” Lag ja gale” these songs always send chills down the spine every time one hears it.

Lata Mangeshkar was the daughter of Pandit Deenanath Mageshkar and Shevanthi. Her father was a marathi and Konkani singer, they used to live in Indore which is in Madhya Pradesh. Her family were a native Goan family that is the Mangheshi family. Lata received her music lessons from her father, he was his first teacher. At the age of five she used to act in her father’s musical acts in the theatre. In 1942 Lata’ s father died because of some heart disease and then her family was taken care of by Master Vinayak who happen to be her family friend then he helped Lata to start her career as an actor but then she turned into singing. Her first song was on 1942 and she sang her first song “Naachu ya gade” in a marathi movie but the song was dropped at the final cut. After that Lata moved to Mumbai in 1945, where she started taking lessons for hindi classical music she sang her first hindi song in a movie where she and her sister Asha also played a small role in the movie. She got a major break from Ghulam haider in the movie Majboor the song was ” dil mera thoda”. Lata Mangheshkar also declared that Ghulam haider was her godfather as he was the first producer to show faith in her voice. Though in the start she had a maharashtrian accent in the start and as most of the songs at that time had Urdu words,  but as the time passed she improved it and no one could point any mistake or question her singing talent. Her very major hit song was from the movie Mahaal the song was ” Aayega aanewala” which was lip synched by Madhubala. She had her own style of singing which was different and Magnificant. She had sung duets with a range of singers from Hemant kumar , Mohammad Rafi, Kishore kumar, Mukesh, Baapi Lahri, Kumar Sanu, Udit narayan, Sonu Nigam. No singer could ever match her Legacy, her voice has soothed people for many decades even now people look up to her as an inspiration. She is now 91 years, then also she does Riyaz every day, she says without that her day cannot start. We all should learn this discipline from her.

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