It is a musical instrument, which can also be called as a miniature version of guitar but it is a bit different from it. It is a Hawaiian instrument  played from the nineteenth century. There are four types of Ukulele they are soprano , concert, tenor, and baritone out of which Soprano is the  standard Ukulele. This instrument has a carefree Jaunty music which pleases everyone. Though it is a small guitar but a guitar has 6 strings but Ukulele  has 4 strings and Ukulele is very much easier to learn than guitar as it has soft nylon strings which does not hurt the fingers and its frets are quite small which would actually make it easier to compose. A person can learn Ukulele, so as to learn guitar which would make guitar learning guitar faster.

let us learn firstly, how to play  ukulele so as to experience the pleasure of playing it..

  1. Handling Ukulele

    It is very necessary for beginners to learn how to handle Ukulele in proper position. A Ukulele has two parts one is the long thinner portion which is called the neck and other is the body. It is very important to orient it properly that means to hold it properly. The standard way is to hold the neck in the the left hand and you hod the body in the right hand. Hold the instrument a little below your chest and hold the neck of it in fifteen degrees angle. You can play the instrument by sitting , standing and also lying, But it is much easier if you play it while sitting. About your finger arrangement, you should always rest the thumb of your left hand on the first fret and then curl your remaining from the underneath of the instrument so as to hold other strings. Your hand should make a shape of C around the instrument.

  2. Strumming
    Curl your fingers over the strings in the side hole, then make a shape of a doughnut with your index finger and the thumb, you have to play from the side of your index finger. You always have to strum all the four strings together so as to play the music. You can Ukulele by a prick or by your fingers, But the tones become a bit harsh when you use a prick on the soft strings of the instrument so its better to use the fingers.
  3. Chords
    It is very important to learn the natural notes of every string in the instrument. You should always memorize the arrangement of the strings.In order,  A (1), E (2), C (3), and G (4) are the order of the strings in the bottom to top arrangement. Practice different chords make yourself familiar with all the chords and all major and minor chords. Use the chord diagram so as to master the instrument.
  4.  Songs
    Though the ultimate goal of learning an instrument is to compose your own music, to achieve that you have to  learn playing your favorite songs with the instrument. This helps in learning new chords and shifting between them. As you learn about different tunes and get familiarize with the instrument, you are now ready to compose your own song.

    Happy learning….


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