Dramatic end of the Notorious Gangster

Often described as one of the most notorious criminals in Uttar Pradesh, Vikas Dubey had 62 cases filed against him with one case each at Saharanpur and in lucknow and the rest of them filed in Kanpur Dehat and Kanpur districts of U.P. Out of these 62 cases, 5 were of murder along with 8 of attempt to murder.

Vikas Dubey was born and raised in a village named Bikru. It is a small village which comes in Kanpur Dehat district of U.P . Although , he entered the crime world in his teenage, he gained attention and came into limelight after killing Minister of State, Independent charge of BJP , Santosh Shukla in 2001 during the governance of Rajnath Singh.

The gangster shot Santosh Shukla in Shivli police station who was ranked as a Minister of State.

He had Rs25000 prize on his head when he fired at a man named Rahul. In order to save himself, Rahul went to lodge an FIR against the gangster to which Dubey came and beat up the victim in the police station and when the inspector tried to stop him he even hit the inspector and even took away his cellphone. After this incident, Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP ordered the apprehension of the goon.

Late night when UP police came to his residence in Bikru village, his shooters who were very well aware of what’s going to happen were prepared with ammunitions and that too Ak47s. A JCB was parked atleast 50feet away from his house so as to block the road and make the policemen came on foot.

Much to their horror, the goon’s shooters started open firing at the police. They had even cut off the power connection so that the police could not backfire at them in the dark. 3officers along with 5constables were shot down. It is highly believed that the police department was betrayed by their own people. Some of the suspected traitors are being rounded up lately.

After this shootout, Vikas fled from the village. CM Yogi made an affirmative stating that the gangster would be held captive within 8 days. As 5 days passed ,5 of his men were shot down and the main accused was found loitering around the premises of the Ujjain Mahakal Mandir, 660kms from Kanpur. UP’s special unit, STF was assigned the duty of bringing the criminal back to his city where an adventourous cum dramatic turn took place.

The police car got disbalanced and fell sideways after which Dubey took a policeman’s gun and started to run but the STF personnals shot him down and was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

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