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According to Jayanta Mahapatra “hunger” is the expression of solitude. The poet in his poem “hunger” explores his memories about his life. And defines his loneliness and need for a company and spiritual intimacy. The material love he was deprived of kept searching for that.
Humans are born with hunger. The desire is endless. Once you get the thing you want, you need something else. The need is endless.
In the poem ‘ Hunger’, the poet defines two types of hunger, one is sexual hunger or hunger for spiritual intimacy and another is about real hunger, the hunger for food.
The poem is like a short story that unfolds the slice of life. The poet found himself before a fisherman who is willing to compromise his daughter to get relief from the hunger of food. The insensitivity in the word of the father was probably to sanctify his guilt. According to the poet, even prostitutes have their command over their body but the girl doesn’t. A fifteen years old girl l, fully grown in flesh and beauty finds herself with some strangers who are coming to accomplish their hunger for sex.
There is a certain realization that comes about the real meaning of hunger. This is not coming from certain displeasure, but dismal of property. The girl meets the inevitability without any fight. This is a complete surrender to life and hunger.
There are several cases in India where the parents for the sake of money and with the desire to be rich throw their child to the darkness. Even there are many cases where the girl died due to being beaten up brutally because of refusing to be involved in sex work. Sometimes even hunger compelled to kill the parental emotion and throw the girls to be killed each day.
Supreme Court panels to ensure better work conditions for prostitutes recommended that the police can’t take criminal action against the adult sex workers “participating with consent”. The panel recommended deleting the offense of soliciting under section 8 of the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act. Soliciting or seducing for the prostitution works is the punishable offense which will end up with 6 months jail and fine of 500.
The report says the majority of India’s estimated 1.2 million prostitutes are forced into the trade by crushing property.
The panel suggested putting the sex workers into a correctional home rather than to jail while they are found plying in a public place. The decision was taken to stop the victimization of traffic.
When the girl in the poem opens her wormy legs to allow the person to enter her, the person sees the real hunger. The nonchalant surrender leads his libido to confront her real hunger slithering between two legs. The myth of inevitability reflects the picture of society. The compulsion of father and the misery of the daughter is stitched together in the never-ending poverty and helplessness.
The poem refers to the society’s image where we find how the girl was being treated not as a human but as commodities. In-room two hunger meets their need. Both are caught in the same net of situations where an indifferent god is accepting the worm-eaten offering.

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