Munchausen Syndrome

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Munchausen syndrome is a mental disorder in which, the person thinks or acts to be sick physically or mentally when the person is not. It is a factitious disorder. It is considered to be a severe mental illness because it gives emotional difficulties as well. 

The Munchausen name has come after the name of a German officer who used to weave stories about his life and experiences. This is the most severe factitious disorder. Most of the people associated with this mental disorder related to chest pain, stomach pain, rather than a mental disorder. 


  • The people who are suffering from this problem may fake to their illness and exaggerate their sickness. Moreover, they even hurt themselves to bring the symptoms.
  • The symptoms of this mental disorder are not so prominent rather the problem can get increased if it is not treated properly, also can get changed with proper care.
  • Excessive knowledge of medical terminology, illness, and hospitals
  • One can see the presence of symptoms when the person is getting observed 
  • The person doesn’t want the doctor to meet their family 
  • The patient might have a history of visiting numerous hospitals 
  • Problem with self-esteem 

Though there is no such cause is found for Munchausen syndrome but the researchers are looking for it. But from some theories, a justification has come that might be the abuse or neglect from 

How to diagnose 

This is very difficult to diagnose Munchausen syndrome because their dishonesty is involved. The doctor needs to diagnose the patient physically to be sure if the person has the problem or it is a mental disorder. The psychiatrist will understand through the way the patient describes their problem. To detect the syndrome doctor takes some assessment tools or other interview sessions. This includes the observation of the patient’s attitude. When the treatment starts, the first thing to do is to reduce the patient’s misuse or overuse of medical sources. Once it is done the treatment moves forward and doctors seek if there is an underlying syndrome. Sometimes the patients go to those doctors who are unaware of their syndrome.

Though no reliable statistical numbers of patients. The syndrome is considered to be a very rare condition. Because dishonesty is common with weakness. The person who has this syndrome goes for different health facilities which can lead to misleading statistics. This mental disorder is common to men more than women as per the survey. But this affects young adults the most.

Primarily the syndrome can be cured by psychological therapy to talk therapy. The first job is to change the way of thinking and behavior. In this regard, family therapy is also included so that they do not reinforce the problem again to arise. No medication is there to help from the factitious disorder. As there are many other mental disorders like depression, those medications can be used. But while the medicine is being applied to the patient if Munchausen syndrome should be under proper monitoring.

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