Social media: a bane or boon

Vaishali Singh

Social media is creating a sense of competence in people’s mind, and this competition is making people ungrounded, it’s becoming the major reason of mental crisis these days, amidst this pandemic COVID- 19 outbreak people are not engaged in more productive tasks and in order to utilize their energy and satisfy the curiosity of exploring life they prefer to log in to the social media applications and wasting all their time scrolling their mobile phone’s screens endlessly, but have you thought of the consequences of using of these useless mobile applications which are distracting you from doing the necessary tasks and making you lazy and feel unproductive. The way social media is affecting your mindset is horrible, the moment you wake up, you take up your cell phone, and keep checking the notifications you’ve received overnight, which is highly unhealthy for your mental health, social media is making you more like a robot and your cell phones are becoming your masters, you just keep following the notifications you receive whole the day, the over usage of social media affects your sub conscious mind and your sub conscious plays the major role in shaping up your thoughts and mindset, which is directly proportional to the actions you take to acheive your dreams, but it’s over usage tires your brain and reduces your chances of executing the important work tasks. So, this is how your cell phones are becoming the reason behind your failure, but you’ve probably heard that every coin has two faces similarly it’s up to you that how you use something whether it’s your cell phone, the internet access you have or your social media account, if you use it to fulfil your purpose, to acknowledge yourself, to educate yourself, to fulfill your dreams then it can play the role of BOON in your life but if you use that same cell phone, that same social media just for passing the time, reading the memes, reacting on the posts endlessly, watching the comedy videos, in simple words, (seeking the temporary pleasure) instead of utilising your time in executing the important tasks, then it can become the BANE of your life. You won’t realise it today, you will notice the outcomes of your actions overtime and only then when you’ll notice your actions keenly. Now, while reading this blog post a question would definitely arise in your mind and that is, what can you do to prevent your life from getting controlled by the social media, the answer is very simple it’s impossible to change your life overnight, but the continuous efforts you put overtime can help you to change your life for better, now you have to make a proper schedule and would have to set a goal for yourself that will keep you motivated, just uninstall the unnecessary applications and data from your mobile phone, and start working on the path of your dreams right away.