Self love

Self love is a popular term used these days in many normal conversations .Infact some of the self love directives like “You have to love yourself more” ,”Why don’t you love yourself?”, “If only you love yourself ,this wouldn’t have happened to you”, “You can’t love other person until you love yourself first” are either suggested to us or we give to others to more living fulfillment.As most people of this world still ignore self-love. That’s why they still go out in need of others to fulfill themselves and feel like being love. And because of that, most people wind up with unhealthy relationships that destroy their lives. Just because they lack self-love or simply can’t understand the meaning of self-love they believe their lives are incomplete without someone

So now lets talk about what exactly self love or loving yourself means?

Self-love involves getting a strong regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. This implies taking care of one’s own needs and not compromising oneself to please anyone.Its not something you can obtain from beauty makeover or a new set of clothes or having pizza or coming in new relationship, you cant grow self love through these type of activities.

Self love is not only a condition of feeling pleasant but a state of self-esteem. 

Self-love is complex, it evolves by actions that matures us. Self-love allows us to recognize our shortcomings positively and encourage us to improve through them.This would make us more caring, more self-centered about our intent and ideals in life, and in our actions achieve true satisfaction. Self-love is so essential to our lives. This affects us and makes us create meaningful decisions for ourselves.

So now lets learn about how to practice self love:

1So the very first thing you have to do is start every day by saying something really positive like how beautiful you look today, your proud moment, etc., anything that makes you smile.

2.Always preserve your wellbeing proper by consuming and drinking nutritious food that nourishes the body.

3.Fall in love with your skin and you wont notice any weaknesses .You can’t escape your way into accepting yourself

4Stop overthinking, and don’t trust everything you see, as the inner critic in us will would also like to keep us tiny and secure. That would also deter us from enjoying fully our lives. 

5Surround yourself with people who tell you how good and caring you are. 

6.End all unhealthy relationships, particularly someone that makes you feel less than good, doesn’t deserve a part of your life.

7. Learn to enjoy your victories, no matter how big or tiny, and be confident of what you’ve done. 

8.Try focusing on something new from your comfort zone. It’s a very great feeling, particularly after you’ve done something you didn’t expect from what you were good at.

9.Its okay to have unique and different choice because thats what makes you special.

10.Make sometime to calm your mind by doing meditation.

11.Trying doing things that excites you but scares you at the same time and follow your passion.

12.Find something to be grateful for everyday.This will be very helpful especially when you are going through tough days in your life, this grateful thoughts will make you feel better.

13.Its okay to say no.Saying no doesn’t make you bad infant makes you wise.

14.Forgive yourself. You can’t fix anything about the past, however you can control the future. That’s because it’s time to let go and trust about transformation. 

15.Be realistic. There’s no happier person in this universe every single day. Well, why? Since we are all people and all of us have feelings (good or bad) and it’s okay.

16. Find your perfect spot, where you feel good, peaceful, relaxed, relaxed. Think about it, how it tastes, how it sounds, how it appears..

17.Get in touch with your inner dialogue.If its anything that treats you less than amazing encouraging and supportive then its time to change.Treat yourself the same you treat your best friend ,sister or any loved ones.

18. So have fun, go out there and do stuff that spark your passion. Love them, love being you, appreciate your amazing existence.