Legality of lockdown

The word lockdown, curfew, quarantine are not defined under Indian Law, but nowadays imposed on every individual to save their lifes. On 24 March 2020 prime minister Narendra Modi declared nationwide Lockdown for 21 days that kept on increasing to prevent pandemic COVID-19. This lockdown kept restriction on freedom of movement i.e. Article 13(1) of the Universal Declaration of states that everyone has right of freedom of movement but restrictions are imposed to save life’s. Section 6 of Disaster Management Act 2005 is used to enforce the lockdown. ‘Lockdown’ can be constructed from Epidemic Diseases Act ( EDA) which gives power to centre and state government to take necessary steps to prevent this pandemic. However, Ministry of Home affairs declared COVID-19 as a disaster and impose the lockdown under section 2(d) of Disaster Management Act but this act is not to deal with such disease or epidemic only to limited situation like earthquake, Tsunamis etc. All the guidelines like closure of all shops, malls, public transport, private companies, etc. remained close during this lockdown and any person who violates these guidelines will be liable under section 51 to 60 ( Offence and penalties ) of Disaster Management Act. An imprisonment for term of 1 year for violating these orders. Section 24 and 34 gives power to restrict the movement of vehicles and people in affected area. Henceforth during this Pandemic we came across a lot of word’s that are used to impose Law and maintenance peace.

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