Abortion – The Debate on the Sole Choice of the Mother

Abortion is the term used to identify the act of intentionally interrupting pregnancy and not allowing the embryo or foetus to continue its normal process. The definition clearly recognizes only women reproductive parts giving a clear message that it only affects the women. But the question is whether it is actually true and justified from a general point of view. 

Up to some extent, we find the world comfortable with the debate being a sole decision of the mother because there is no proper legislation regarding it yet. Our Legislation gives special Right to Women in order to encourage them to be at par to men in day to day life but no where does it mention that Men should compromise for the same. What is fair should remain fair according to law. If it is a “women’s choice” whether or not she wants to become a mother then it is also a man’s choice whether or not he wants to become a father.

When a father doesn’t have an opportunity to express his opinion it only disapproves that he as a human, can have feelings. It is totally unjust that he doesn’t have a preference in the birth of his own child. In the support of my argument, there are provisions that I feel can be enforced. Like, if both parents choose to have an abortion then the child is aborted where both of them have an equal share in costs of the procedure. But if the mother chooses to have an abortion and the father wants to keep the child then she shall not be required to fund any part of procedure or any costs that may arise from it. Similarly, if the mother chooses to keep the child but the father wanted the abortion, then the father shall have zero legal or financial obligations from the day forward. In each case, the father shall likewise be recognized, and his choice duly recorded as a matter of legal record.

Another point to give light to is, when we claim that it is only about the mother’s choice, we tend to deny the whole of father’s responsibility in the scenario. Perpetually like that men need to stay out of the discussion about abortion because it is a woman’s body is not only untrue, it is catastrophic for generations to come. It is a sort of hindrance to the society we need for its utmost development. What we need is a generation of young men who honour ladies by helping them protect the precious gift of their sexuality as it was intended to be. We need a generation of young men who will not treat women like objects but honour them with dignity and respect. A generation who will not run away when they get a woman pregnant or pressure a woman to end their life. We need a generation of men who will love their unborn child and go to utmost lengths to encourage the mother to have their baby. They must be willing to help raise the child or place the child for adoption. In addition to that, we also need a generation of women who will encourage men to take responsibility and show the sacrificial love and empathy that ought to mark men, not push them out of the conversation of abortion.

Though abortion uniquely affects women, it is not only about women. It is also about the child in her womb, and the child’s father. Because in the end, it is her body but it is THEIR baby.