Improve your English

Writing for the sake of writing isn’t writing. You should have a passion to write. That pushes you forward to a greater extent. The interest on writing makes you write the writings that were never written. Don’t make yourself to write, let yourself make you write. There’s a lot of difference between them. It’s like earning to write and writing to earn. What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.

Develop a habit of writing because that makes us improve without our knowledge. Write something that happened to you because it tries to bring the coordination between our brain and hands. As the time passes our hand should be faster than our brain. We should think of next sentence while writing the previous. It can even be writing in a dairy.

Start a blog and keep on writing and express what you feel like. Share it to your contacts and ask them to suggest any improvements. Keep on writing and improving by implementing their suggestions and get improvised with your writing.

Writing not only comes from writing. Start reading the different writings. Analyse the way different people write and try to figure out the pattern they try to express themselves. Read and read until you get better in writing.

Write for someone who are looking for writers because that makes you know more about your writing from others. Try to become freelancer and ask for work. Doing work makes you improve. Such work involves lot of research and you will get a chance to know about the unknowns.

Start your journey in facebook groups and Quora groups and make friendship with your mates . Connect with like minded people and that will surely make you know more about the various styles of writing.