The perpetual war between the two countries

You must have seen a video which got viral few days back where a boy was seen damaging the walls of a temple that is currently being built in Islamabad(Pakistan). Another example like this was where a five year old boy was seen warning the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan that if he will allow the the temples to be built, he will “kill all the Hindus”. Imagine a five year child speaking in his childish voice and warning such higher authority which may seem funny, but on the other hand this is a very important matter for the society that some people of Pakistan are filling up their children’s mind with filth and not showing them the right way where they should treat everyone as equal irrespective of caste, colour, gender plus nationality. I do agree with some of the things that the conflict between India and Pakistan is never ending but at least we can try to change the minds of the youth who will take the country forward.

Let me begin with the actual story where the Pakistani Government has decided to release funds for the Hindu temple to be built in Islamabad. This decision was made for the Minority class- the Hindu’s in Pakistan who also have the right to worship God in the temples. This plan was committed in the year 2017 by Nawaz Sharif’s government but it got delayed due to some issues. This is not the first time where the government has taken such step, before this the government took many initiatives for Hindu pilgrimage like they renovated Katas Raj Temple– a buddhist temple for the Hindus to worship. The Government has also helped the Sikh community with building gurudwaras for them like The Peshawar Gurudwara and the Nankana Sahib in Sailkot which was renovated for the sikhs.

Well, all of these things are small stepping stones by the Government for the minority so that they can also live like normal people without the barriers of religion. But on the other hand some projects have been backlashed by the Muslims of Pakistan where in a recent example the Pakistani government was planning to celebrate the legacy of Maharaja Ranjit Singh with statue, but it ended up causing a controversy on social media and in less than two months the statue was vandalised by the people. How will the country progress like this where the people are still not agreeing to some basic terms of accepting their fellow citizens as equal, building a temple or a gurudwara will never harm the other religion in fact all of these initiatives will bring the conflicts to an end. I am not saying that we Indians are the best and we don’t do such things, we are still facing major conflicts between Hindu and Muslim and there is no other solution to bring an end to this but there are Gurudwaras, Temples, Mosque and Church which are built together on the same lane and people respect that.

But why are these issues still arising, why can’t the soldiers just guard the country peacefully? The major reason for this is ‘Education‘ where the children are taught some facts which are against Hindus and Muslims, the facts which are putting them apart instead of living in tranquility and in harmony. The youth is being taught the wrong subjects with wrong facts and the society is also playing a major role in this, where they term minority people with funny names, where they are always referred to as a ‘minority class‘ instead of terming them as equal citizens.

All these examples and statements are not to hurt anyone be it from any religion or country. Building a temple or a gurudwara or even a mosque will never help the people to understand and have respect for the other religious sentiments, but education is and will be the only factor to bring everyone together and to treat everyone as equal, not becoming religion bias.

“My religion is ver simple, my religion is Kindness.” -Dalai Lama