I have never been more frightened than when I came back home and met everywhere messed up,my eyes suddenly caught an envelope on the table beside me, I picked it up with my hands shaking and heart beating fast as if trying to escape my rip cage. My eyes almost fell out of it’s socket as saw what was written on and no time I was out running on the dark lonely road.
My phone ranged and I picked it up, a strong masculine voice came in,“don’t inform the police and hanged up the call.

My heart pounded again
The sideway of the of my mind
Darkened as I ran fast
as I could to the meeting place
And the sun had gone down

Only me running the street
With each footsteps taken
Something departs in me
New thought arrives
And new thought depart
My clouded mind with despair

What have I gotten myself into?
Should I call police on myself?
An hour had passed
Two hours speaking to
Each others on the phone

And now I stood at the meeting place,
peered at the window of my heart
find no light inside myself
Only some voices.

Went in and out of me
Only some bags of trash
So so terrifying
Each contained different body part of me
The limbs crawling
They eyes shading tears
The ear listening
The legs kicking

There is decapitated woman’s head
her eyes still open
Staring pieces me
Her mangled hair was all but gone
And lips parted
As if trying to tell me something

I couldn’t help myself
I screamed no words
I run but go nowhere
the arms took me away from my escape and hauled me a room With
A gasp I took in the gruesome and horrifying scene in front of me
Was A lifeless body, multiple wounds in her stomach and neck
Her arms and legs lay bent sideways and backwards
Blood soaked her hair and surrounded the girl’s face
It Pained me to admit
The Lifeless body is my sister
My Breath caught in my throat and couldn’t help the tears stream from my eyes.

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